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As the Ferguson drama enters new and uncharted territory following the Department of Justice report critical of the community’s police department and yesterday’s resignation of the police chief Tom Jackson, which was followed by last night’s shooting of two police officers standing the line against protestors in Ferguson, perhaps it’s time to take a look at the reality of what this is all about.


As the old saying goes, “a day late and a dollar short”, the DoJ report issued by the Obama-Holder Justice Department cleared Officer Darren Wilson of any wrong-doing in the shooting of Michael Brown. A finding that was well known as far back as in August, shortly after the incident happened. The attorney general was well aware back at that time that the shooting of Michael Brown was a justified use of deadly force by a police officer placed in legitimate fear of his life.

Holder knew back in August that the claims by witnesses that Brown was surrendering to Officer Wilson and that Brown had his hands raised in the air was a lie. The “hands up don’t shoot” narrative that Holder allowed to persist was a complete and utter fabrication.

But instead of taking a strong stance in support of the police which very likely would have prevented the subsequent rioting that destroyed businesses and lives, the Holder DoJ allowed racial tensions to boil over and eventually erupt in a display of animalistic behavior setting fire to a large part of the community of Ferguson, as well as some of the surrounding areas.

Holder’s DoJ sat back and allowed a lie to continue, one created with one purpose in mind. To railroad an innocent police officer and construct a narrative that has resulted in the destruction of a community and the career of a fine public servant, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson.

The unflattering picture of the Ferguson Police Department painted by the DoJ report is a picture that isn’t fair nor unique to the Ferguson Police. Laying claim that the police of that North St. Louis County community targeted black residents is indeed a completely false narrative. The Ferguson Police as with most police agencies around this nation target “criminal behavior”, regardless of who the perpetrators might be.


Is it true that some communities across America place too much emphasis on issuing traffic citations and generate revenue for the city as a result ? Probably, but the arguments against using traffic and code enforcement as a method of generating revenue needs to be addressed to the city’s government. Not against the officers whose job it is to enforce the laws that are on the books.

Chief Tom Jackson came to the Ferguson Police Department as their chief following an outstanding career with the St. Louis County Police. Chief Jackson rose to the rank of captain and served as a commander with that department in a variety of positions. Jackson command the S.W.A.T. unit, the Narcotics unit, and served as a helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft pilot for the department. Chief Jackson was awarded the Medal of Valor and nearly every other award and commendation one can receive during his career.

When he came to Ferguson Chief Jackson immediately took steps to address some of the deficiencies that were present with the department before he arrived. He also immediately began to try to open a dialogue and build inroads into community groups and leaders. His efforts in this regard were welcomed by the community.

The fact is that the Holder Justice Department produced a very subjective and biased report which clearly was intended to achieve some goals they were unable to achieve back in August. One of which included the city of Ferguson removing Chief Jackson from his position at the behest of Barack Obama and Eric Holder. With Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill and Governor Jay Nixon falling into lock-step with the administration. The term ‘scapegoat’ clearly comes to mind.


As with the president’s immediate response to the Henry Louis Gates incident, Barack Obama’s ‘default’ is to blame the police and accuse them of “acting stupidly”, without having any of the facts before him.

Let there be no doubt, what happened in Ferguson to Officer Darren Wilson and Chief Jackson is all part of the Obama Administration’s ongoing effort. Undermining local law enforcement in this country is simply part of the continuing plan of this administration to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.


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