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“They lie to me all the time”

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When one looks at the depth and breadth of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lies while in congress it is truly astounding to me that she has remained in office for so many years. Much less how she has been able to avoid taking up residence in an eight by ten foot jail cell in a federal penitentiary.


Either Nancy Pelosi has lied repeatedly to the American people, or she is absolutely the dumbest and most incompetent and unqualified person in history to ever hold such a high public office.

As an example, while still holding the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was briefed multiple times and was fully aware of the efforts being made on behalf of the American people by our intelligence professionals to collect valuable information from captured terrorists. Information that very well may have helped to prevent additional attacks and save American lives.

Part of that effort involved the use of legally approved ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’, commonly referred to as EIT’s. These tactics were reviewed by the U.S. Justice Department and approved as tactics that could be legally administered during interrogation efforts against terrorist detainees.

Yet after Barack Obama became president and the Eric Holder Justice Department began to make noise about the possible prosecution of career CIA officers who had been involved in interrogations and in using EIT’s, it was reported that those same tactics had been briefed to the House Intelligence Oversight Committee. Briefings attended by then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. And during these briefings no objections were voiced about the use of EIT’s by Nancy Pelosi or anyone else.


When confronted with this revelation Nancy Pelosi denied ever hearing about the so-called EIT’s during these briefings, topping off her denials by accusing the CIA of “lying”. Speaker Pelosi went on to claim during a well scripted press conference that the CIA “misled” her. When she was questioned if she was accusing the CIA of lying to her, Pelosi replied, “Yes”.

Most people know, particularly those who work in the federal government that it is against the law to lie to a congressional committee. Particularly to lie repeatedly as Ms. Pelosi has accused the CIA of doing.

Yet when she was challenged by House Minority Leader John Boehner to “put up or shut up” about her allegations of CIA lying, Speaker Pelosi declined to do so. Which would lead any rational thinking person to come to the conclusion that either Speaker Pelosi was herself lying about this whole affair, or that she was so completely incompetent as to disqualify her from even holding the office of ‘State Cosmetology Licensure Director’, much less Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America. And third in line to the presidency of this nation.

Pelosi’s false claims of CIA lying aside, who can forget her loudly and proudly proclaiming that “we have to pass the bill, so we can find out what’s in it”, when discussing the so-called Affordable Care Act. Another perfect example of just how much of a prevaricator or complete incompetent Pelosi truly is.


While she remains politically safe in her California congressional district since those who have repeatedly elected her have shown their own incompetence by doing so, Ms. Pelosi has repeatedly shown the American people outside her district of how she is an example of everything that is rotten with politics in America today.

One can only hope that one day when Pelosi once again stumbles over her own words and clearly displays her stupidity, or yet again falsely accuses career public servants of misconduct to cover for her own culpability, that Ms. Pelosi will be held accountable if not by her constituents, then by the U.S. Department of Justice.

And then perhaps we’ll be treated to the sight of Nancy Pelosi’s wild-eyed, deer-in-the-headlights look as she is being led away in handcuffs, doing a very slow ‘perp walk’ on national television.

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