Al Sharpton Sends His Condolences

Posted: Dec 21, 2014 12:01 AM

While watching the news coverage about the execution of New York Police Officers Wenjia Liu and Rafael Ramos I was struck by the fact that Fox News reported on a statement being issued by Al Sharpton in response to the shooting, and I wondered to myself why Fox News gave any mention of Al Sharpton at this time ?

Furthermore, who is Al Sharpton to even think a statement from him would be appropriate, or welcome at a time like this ? Then again, Sharpton’s certainly been a self-promoter, not to mention a liar, tax evader, and F.B.I. informant throughout his life, who elbowed his way into the racial discourse in this country years ago. Discourse that has deteriorated since he’s insinuated himself. I sincerely doubt the families of Officers Liu and Ramos are interested in anything Sharpton might have to say at this time.

While Sharpton, Mayor Bill De Blasio, Eric Holder and President Obama have all been extremely critical of law enforcement over the years, but particularly of late, they would all do well to take a second look at just what law enforcement regularly does on their behalf.

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio can rest easy in Gracie Mansion knowing that his well-being, and the well-being of his family is assured by the NYPD officers assigned to his personal security detail.No one will threaten his safety while New York’s Finest are standing by.

Wherever he travels Al Sharpton is guaranteed that there are police officers providing security protection for Sharpton and his party when he arrives. Police stand at the ready protecting whatever venue Sharpton is making an appearance at, including at his recent protest march in Washington, D.C. where officers were providing traffic and crowd control support so that this protest could take place.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice oversees the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Holder never travels without a protective detail. During his recent visit to Ferguson, Missouri the attorney general also had countless local police officers insuring he was safe from harm.

Beyond his Secret Service protection, wherever President Obama travels he can rely on dozens and dozens of police officers to provide the perimeter security at whatever venue he’s visiting, and participating in all the motorcades getting him to and from safely.

The on-going civil unrest encouraged and choreographed by Sharpton, De Blasio, Holder and Barack Obama has begun to tear at the very fabric of this country. Creating deeper divisions between those who protect and serve us in law enforcement, and a minority community fractured by crime and poverty. Already there are some cretins coming out of the sludge to praise the assassin of these two officers in social media, and more demonstrations against the police are sure to occur in coming days.

The law enforcement community has come under withering attack since the shooting in August of an eighteen year old black man who attacked a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. And more recently following the grand jury decision not to pursue charges against any NYPD officer involved in the arrest of an older black man, who also died as a result of his actions during a struggle resisting arrest.

In both cases a grand jury made up of citizens from the very community where these two black men lived reviewed the evidence and decided there was no criminality on the part of any police officers involved.

Yet the race hustlers like Sharpton, fully egged on and supported by Barack Obama, Eric Holder and the extreme liberal New York Mayor De Blasio, have refused to accept the fact that the two black men who died were responsible for their own fates. As is the case in the overwhelming majority of deaths of black males at the hands of the police.

In the coming days the Thin Blue Line that protects us from anarchy will lay to rest these two fallen heroes, Officer Ramos and Officer Liu. But Sharpton, De Blasio, Holder and Obama share in the blame for the murderous act that led to their deaths. Perhaps they will decide it’s time to turn down the volume and extinguish the fires of unrest they’ve stoked. Hopefully at the least they’ll just quit “acting stupidly”, and turn their energies to supporting the police instead of crucifying them for doing a difficult job.