Ferguson Rules of Engagement

Posted: Nov 21, 2014 12:01 AM

Recently Ferguson activists led by the ‘Don’t Shoot Coalition’ released a list of demands, so-called “rules of engagement” for the police to follow during the anticipated demonstrations when the St. Louis County Grand Jury releases their decision in the Michael Brown case.

Rules of engagement? You’ve got to be kidding me! Here’s my list of “Rules of Engagement” for the conglomeration of leftists, anarchists, race hustlers, and criminals threatening violence in the St. Louis metropolitan area in the event Officer Darren Wilson is not indicted.

How about rule number one – Don’t riot!

Rule number two – Obey the law!

Rule number three – Respect the decision!

No other rules of engagement are necessary. But considering the threats emanating from the insurgency to expand their activities outside of Ferguson, and in particular into “white areas”, perhaps they need to understand some other “rules of engagement”. Rule number four – Citizens have the right to protect themselves, and they will!

It’s been reported that gun sales have sky-rocketed in the St. Louis area in recent weeks. Law abiding citizens are scared. The citizens of Greater St. Louis want to be able to protect themselves and their property, and are afraid that the police will not be able to respond to help them in the event of an emergency because the police will be busy dealing with rioters and insurgents trying to destroy municipal buildings in Ferguson and other areas.

Shopping malls have also been included on the list of places insurgents have said they will target. Certainly understandable, a large mall provides the perfect opportunity for pre-Christmas one-stop-looting. Anheuser Busch has also been targeted, presumably so the looters can stop for a cold one afterwards and relax after fighting all those crowds at the mall. Looting can be exhausting.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has activated the Missouri National Guard to provide protection for locations in and around the St. Louis area, but curiously NOT to protect Ferguson municipal buildings or the Ferguson police station. Could that be because Tom Jackson, the embattled Police Chief of Ferguson, and Ferguson officials have stood up to the immense political pressure being levied against them and their city. Pressure from Governor Jay Nixon and Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill who both follow a policy of appeasement towards the insurgency. Pressure which reaches back all the way to the Justice Department and the Oval Office, who have effectively aligned themselves with the insurgency instead of the rule of law.

Chief Jackson, a highly respected and decorated police professional has had a thirty-plus year career where he has received the Medal of Valor and just about every other award and commendation one can receive, has refused to surrender his city to the insurgency and resign from his job as Chief of Police. Regardless of what Nixon, McCaskill, Holder or Obama want. Should Jackson decide to leave one day, it will be at a time of his choosing, NOT following the dictates of politicians who have surrendered any moral authority they might have had when they decided to coddle and side with an insurgency. Fortunately Jackson has an ally in St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, who has also withstood strong political pressure to surrender to this insurrection.

So while weak-kneed politicians may be willing to dance to the music played and choreographed by a collection of misfits, fortunately the citizens of Ferguson and St. Louis County are represented by some dedicated professionals who will do their best to protect them from an uprising led by those who care little for the rule of law, and supported by politicians determined to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.