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Soon after he announced his run for President in June of 2015, the Democrats – along with their obedient lap dogs in the media – went after then New York City businessman Donald J. Trump hammer and tongs. 


In collusion with elements of the “Deep State” within our own Federal government, fabricated accusation after fabricated accusation was hurled at then candidate Trump.  Once he was elected President, the left’s smear machine went into overdrive.


The main reason being that “They” – meaning the Democrats, the entrenched Republican-elites, and the Deep State – could not control him.  Ever.  President Trump was not part of the DC “Club” or “Cabal.”  

He didn’t need their fawning approval nor their special interest connections or money.  He was in it to put forth what he believed to be the best policy initiatives designed to benefit the vast majority of the American people.  Most especially the working and middle-class. 

As far as President Trump was concerned, it was: “Damn the partisan; special interest; and corrupt-liberal-media torpedoes.  Full speed ahead.”

Except…if you are instituting policies to help protect the vast majority of the American people, you will invariably expose numerous politicians as outright frauds, while identifying countless organizations and individuals greedily feeding from the tax-payer trough at the direct expense of the American people. 

As the entrenched-elites in it for the power, the money, or petrified that they would soon be exposed as the charlatans they are could not have that, the “Russian Collusion” hoax was created in the darkest, most putrid shadows of the DC sewers and rolled out on multiple liberal, far-left, and “Never Trump” fronts. 


To cover their “Russian Collusion” bet, they next scooped up gobs and gobs of freshly created mud and threw that at the walls in ever increasing fanatical fits of desperation.  Months and now years later, nothing has stuck.

What to do?

Even though former President Trump has been out of office for almost two years, the Democrats, the Deep State, the liberal media, and the entrenched Republican elites still fear him.  More than fear him, they fear the influence he still strongly maintains with tens of millions of American voters.

Hence, the partisan, despicable and truly disreputable FBI raid on former President Trump’s private residence in Florida.  

Look, former President Trump is not perfect.  If I had his ear in the White House, I would have asked him to temper some of the school-yard rhetoric.  A President can easily take the public high road, while completely neutralizing – or even crushing -- the opposition privately behind the scenes.  The fact is, by and large, then President Trump had exceptional policies which were dramatically reshaping our nation into a better and more secure version of itself. 

But, for those willing to be honest with themselves, it was never about President Trump’s colorful rhetoric nor his policies.  It was always because he was beyond the control of the DC Club and Cabal.  Period. 


Ironically – and quite relevantly – current President Joe Biden has been a charter member of that DC club for decades.  One of his many nicknames being: “Go along, Joe.”

The question for many being: “How much did he ‘Go Along’ with the schemes of his son, Hunter Biden?”

The biggest threat to the Biden machine is not from Republicans or conservatives, but from the entrenched Democratic-elites and their servants in the media.  At some point, the Democratic “leadership,” the liberal and Big-Tech special interests, Woke CEOs, members of the liberal “Deep State,” and certain mainstream media executives may decide for the good of them all, the “Biden Clan” has to be thrown overboard. 

Should that come to pass – and it is more likely with each passing day – then a number of the alleged “Biden corruption” crumbs which have been repeatedly swept under multiple DC rugs, will magically start to creep back out onto the open floor for all to see. 

“Crumbs” leading back to the Hunter Biden laptop as well as his business deals and contacts in Ukraine and The People’s Republic of China. 

If I were a betting man, I would say they will never get former President Trump on any of the invented charges they have repeatedly orchestrated. 

That said, I would not want to be part of the greater Biden family if the Democratic Cabal decides that all of them are suddenly and permanently, much more trouble than they are worth.


Should that come to pass, expect several very controversial “Presidential Pardons” to be announced at the end of the Biden administration in the wake of that Liberal-entrenched-elite “Save our own corrupt backsides” desperation move. 

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of the book:  The 56 – Liberty Lessons from those who risked all to sign The Declaration of Independence – Before they and the 4th of July are Banned.

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