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AP Photo/Paul Sancya

There is a scene in the Austin Powers movie “The Spy Who Shagged Me,” where 1969 Dr. Evil calls the president of the United States from his secret Moon-Base and demands that he give him “$100 billion dollars” so he won’t fire his “Giant Laser” at Washington, D.C.


After making his demand via video teleconference, the president looks at Dr. Evil for a second in bemused shock then bursts out laughing in his face. Once he stops laughing, the president informs the ignorant Dr. Evil: “Dr. Evil. This is 1969. That amount of money doesn’t even exist. That’s like saying, ‘I want a Kajillion, Bajillion dollars.’”

New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand – in an obvious attempt to grab any attention for her all-but-expired presidential campaign – just proved that truth is stranger – and in this case, much more ludicrous – than fiction.

With one breathless announcement, she just managed to make Dr. Evil look like world-famous economists John Maynard Keynes, Alan Greenspan, and Arthur Laffer all rolled into one.

As was recently reported, the liberal senator is calling for a $10 Trillion “Climate Change Moonshot Program.”

That’s ten-thousand billion dollars.

Will she attempt to save our nation's money by running her $10 Trillion Moonshot program from Dr. Evil’s secret Moon base?

You simply can’t make this up.

In 1969, Dr. Evil threw the figure “$100 billion” against the wall to see if it would stick.

In 2019, an increasingly irrelevant Senator Gillibrand just threw “$10,000 billion” against the wall in a desperate attempt to get any fawning attention from a like-minded mainstream media.

Ten-thousand billion dollars. Can we now officially designate such a delusional sum of money a “Kajillion, Bajillion dollars?”


That’s ten thousand billion hardworking-American taxpayer dollars which would not only accelerate the bankruptcy of our nation, but sacrifice potentially millions of jobs in the process.

At least Dr. Evil had his laser. Senator Gillibrand has nothing more than a Kajillion, Bajillion dollar joke to play upon the American people.

Worse than a joke, she is looking to end the U.S. fossil fuel industry, eliminate all of those jobs, and put yet another liberal tax on carbon. A tax that would cost Americans at least $200 billion per year.

Naturally, Gillibrand – like the rest of the Democratic field – also pledges from “Day one,” to reverse President Trump’s needed move to take our nation out of the highly-flawed and financially-crippling Paris Climate agreement.

She prefers to have the “leaders” of the European Union impose their socialist and failing policies upon the citizens of the United States.

The good news regarding Gillibrand and the others on the far-left of her party is that they tell you right up front the many ways they seek to punish our nation and its citizens. One only has to listen.

Unfortunately, for Gillibrand, they have listened to her and are turning their backs on her and her suicidal policies in droves.

Her campaign is all but officially over and she will soon fade back into political obscurity.

If Gillibrand and the other Democratic candidates trying to out-socialize each other really did care about the American people, they would think about earmarking about 1% of their Kajillion, Bajillion fantasy numbers toward the building of a wall along our southern border.


Such a wall would instantly increase our national security while saving and protecting hundreds of thousands of American jobs, including those of proud Hispanic-American citizens who are losing their desperately needed livelihoods to the collectively millions who are entering our nation illegally.

But, Gillibrand and her fellow socialist Democrats have no real interest in saving American jobs or protecting our national security. Again, their only interest is in creating any kind of news – no matter how bizarre and delusional – which might get some headlines from the left-of-center media.

Sadly, and pathetically for them, even most of the liberal media no longer takes them seriously.

Perhaps Dr. Evil can be convinced to enter the Democratic presidential primary. If he can be reformed, he has certain strengths which would put him light-years ahead of the other candidates.

He’s a proven job creator, understands the need for a strong military, and still believes “$100 billion” is all the money in the world.

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