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The New York Times, The Far-Left, and Their "Messiah" Obama

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With the results of the mid-term election still fresh in our minds, the question needs to be asked again. That being, is Barack Obama the Messiah? Or, more to the point, do a number of delusional liberals and far-left radicals still truly believe him to be a deity or their deity? Uber-liberal New York Times columnist Gail Collins just seemed to confirm that dangerous possibility.

In her latest offering in the bible for the left entitled “Believing in Barack,” Ms. Collins seemed to be reciting her version of a prayer in support of her deific leader as she tried to excuse those horrible mid-term results. Said Ms. Collins, “I have faith in Barack Obama…even though he is testing us sorely…I believe the president will pick the right course…”

Interesting and telling choice of words. As many liberals and atheists don’t go to church or religious service, they are going to have to take my word for it that when someone generally says they have “faith” in someone and that “He is testing us sorely,” that person is almost always referring to God.

Now, through recorded history, various Pharaohs, Emperors, Kings, dictators, and garden variety thugs have declared themselves God or a God. To my knowledge, President Obama has not granted himself this mother of all affirmative actions. Unfortunately, his followers have assigned him that title on their own. Not good.

Belief in God -- much like the belief in the “brilliance” of Mr. Obama -- requires no proof. None.

Those who believe in God will tell you it’s an act of faith. While they believe -- and I agree -- that they can logically explain the existence of God, they also feel it’s a waste of time to argue with the liberal and closed minds of atheists and “scientists” with an agenda.

That said, many of these same liberal scientists and atheists eagerly and repeatedly proclaim -- with not one shred of evidence -- that “Barack Obama is brilliant.” How? They don’t ask to see his SAT’s, his college transcripts, or inquire whether affirmative action and not intelligence and qualifications got him into the Ivy League or greased his path since his sophomore year of college. As Obama is their deity, they take his “brilliance” as an act of faith. Period.

No surprise here. Almost three years ago, the liberal Washington Post asked “Is Obama the Messiah?” Liberal MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews said of Obama prior to his election, “…This is bigger than Kennedy…This is the New Testament.” Liberal writer and columnist Joel Stein said, “I’m pretty sure my feeling for Obama is a crush, but maybe it’s a religious revelation.”

Yikes. On and on it goes. First we had the unhinged Louis Farrakhan say that when Obama was talking, “…the Messiah is absolutely speaking,” to now Gail Collins at least figuratively getting down on one knee to genuflect before the presence of Mr. Obama and reaffirm her faith in his power and glory.

To date -- and as “testament” to the fact that experience does matter -- Mr. Obama has proven himself to be highly unqualified to be President of the United States. That’s it.

As for various wealthy liberals believing Obama to be the Messiah or a deity, to paraphrase the far-left NPR CEO Vivian Schiller, “That’s between them and their psychiatrist or publicist.”

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