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With all due respect to Lewis Carroll and the originator of the “Humpty Dumpty” nursery rhyme, I give you this:

The mainstream media sat on Obama’s wall;
The mainstream media had a great fall.
All the slanted polls
And all the corrupt journalists,
Couldn’t put the mainstream media together again.

If you really pay attention to the networks, cable networks, and newspapers, you can look at their faces, read their body language, or read between the lines and come to a fairly reasoned conclusion. That being, that they are in a panic.

In violation of every ethical standard that allegedly governs their profession, a great many journalists and editors have gone into the tank so deeply for Barack Obama, that they have become an embarrassing extension of his campaign communications operation. So much so, that a few honest ombudsmen and media critics at “In-the-tank” newspapers, have been forced to criticize the practice.

No matter. In the tank they are. And yet, to the horror of these biased “journalists,” the American people seem to be mostly dismissing their predicable pro-Obama sermons and anti-McCain rants in favor of actual information gathering and an honest comparison of the two presidential candidates.

Like a character in the comics these left-of-center newspapers carry, you can almost see the balloon thoughts appear above their heads: “How can Obama be blowing this? We are giving him every advantage possible. We even threw Hillary Clinton overboard because she was less liberal than him and yet, the guy we pretended to like all these years, is overtaking our anointed candidate. How?”

The reason the liberal media is so perplexed by this development is because they are just coming off a massive and successful manipulation of the news and felt if they could do it then, they could do it at will. The past and ongoing manipulation to which I refer is the coverage of the war in Iraq.

For months and years, through the television, newspapers, books, and even blogs, the mainstream media relentlessly portrayed the war in the most negative terms possible. In the guise of ink-stained vampires, they purposely shunned the positive light of progress, a successful surge, and heroic sacrifice, in lieu of any story that would harm or discredit the Bush administration.

Shockingly, the most despicable way some in the mainstream media worked to manipulate the opinion of the American people against the war, was to act as a propaganda arm of the very terrorists killing our troops. How? Just think back to how many times the networks and cable networks showed that montage of multiple U.S. military vehicles -- and more importantly, the troops inside of them -- getting blown to bits. Who do you think shot that video? Only the very terrorists who just killed or maimed the troops in those vehicles.

When I speak to some of my former colleagues from the Pentagon, it is this video, and the networks disgusting and almost treasonous airing of it, that most upsets them. All of the networks and cable networks knew exactly who shot the video, and yet they still aired it. Is their hatred of Bush so intense, or their compassion for the families of U.S. troops who have to watch that video, so insignificant that they had no problem running an Al Qaeda snuff film?

After bombarding the American people with a steady diet of negative news regarding Iraq and our troops, these very same media outlets would conduct their own poll on the subject. The former Soviet Union never had it so good.

With that tarnished model as an example, the mainstream media figured it would be a cinch to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people with regard to Obama. Clearly, they have been wrong.

One reason they have been wrong is that while, for many Americans, Iraq was a far away, little understood, Middle-Eastern country, Barack Obama is something and someone much more tangible. While many Americans may not have understood -- nor had the time in their busy lives to learn - the intricacies of Iraq, its history, its neighbors, or the truth being kept from them by the media -- they are able to wrap their arms around Barack Obama and his less than impressive resume.

As we get closer to the election, more and more voters are now focusing their attention on Barack Obama, his ever changing narrative, his still to be fully explained associations with domestic terrorists and those who condemn America and his almost non-existent (if you -- as the Clinton campaign did -- rightfully deduct from his time in the Senate, his days on the campaign trail) national experience.

As they continue to do this by the millions, Barack Obama is coming up wanting in many of their eyes. The more they learn, the more they question. Russia’s recent incursion into Georgia has only made the American people more acutely aware of the critical importance of having a president with real-world experience.

To the ever lasting shame of our politicians, our nation, and all of us, biased liberals in the media got away with misrepreseting the war in Iraq and the mission of our troops. Fortunately this time, they have just tumbled off the Obama wall and may be taking the chameleon-like candidate with them.

The American people will decide this election.

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