Duck Dynasty: The Pro-God, Guns, Family and Capitalism Reality Show Rules the Ratings Roost

Posted: Aug 18, 2013 12:01 AM
Duck Dynasty: The Pro-God, Guns, Family and Capitalism Reality Show Rules the Ratings Roost

Duck Dynasty kicked off its fourth season last Wednesday and they did it with a bang, raking in the highest ratings for any cable reality show in US history.

Yep, last Wednesday a whopping 11.8 million people rocked up to see what was going down in the bayou at the Robertson’s household.

You just know that kind of success has got to make miserable the dainty, little, progressive crowd who are trying legislatively and culturally to peel America away from the pro-God-and-country values that the cast of Duck Dynasty showcases with hairy-chinned hilarity.

Indeed, without a sex tape; without shoving transvestites down our throats; without lauding rank, familial dysfunctionalism; or parading feral children of the corn, or mocking God, or having sex on camera for their grandparents to see, or selling moonshine, or being naked and afraid, or having their children yell, “F--- you!” at their parents during church, America has voted with their time and with their cash that they would rather watch the Duck Commanders move through their day than watch the cultural chum slick that Hollywood dishes up, ad nauseum, et infinitum.

In contrast to the cultural-coarsening bilge that Hollywood and Manhattan churn out with predictable regularity, the Robertson’s are unabashedly pro-God, pro-guns, pro-hunting, pro-family, pro-self reliance, pro-capitalism, pro-charity, pro-America, pro-military and pro-respect for elders, and the show platforms that when you live like that, well … life tends to smile on those who honor such time cherished truths. Plus, they're laugh-out-loud funny.

That’s gotta hurt, eh, progressives? I mean, nearly every thing you and Tinseltown champions and lauds – this show is not. In addition, nearly everything Obama legislates, as the “Hope & Change” our nation, according to him, “needs” -- this show subtly screams against.

From a cultural standpoint this is very telling and muy encouraging to me. It appears as if millions and millions of Americans have a massive appetite for good, clean fun versus the self-destructive mayhem the societal deconstructionists are trying to foist upon us.

So, what does this cultural phenomenon mean? Well, it could mean that maybe, just maybe, our nation’s not, as it appears, going to hell in a hand basket.

Also, could it be that we’re finding our way back to God and traditional values via the squawk of a mallard call blown by Christian long-beards hiding in a duck blind?

God works in mysterious ways, eh?

Congrats to Duck Dynasty for their success and thank you, A&E, for having the cojones to put such a quality show on your channel amidst a lot of opposition.