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The Separation Between Muslims and Taste

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Building a mosque at Ground Zero is like OJ’s mom putting a glamour shot of Orenthal over Nicole Brown’s gravestone. In other words, it’s very wrong and extremely disgusting, as every person with a lick of decency would agree.

What’s next, Awad? Are you going to demand a Nidal Malik Hasan Avenue on Ft. Hood’s military base? What about an Abdulmutallab Upgrade Package on Northwest Airlines?

To me, the question is not if a mosque could be built right next to the place where Muslims slaughtered 3,000 innocent people, but should it be built. The “no duh” answer to that insane inquiry is: Hell no, it should not be erected because that is simply gross.

Yet only people who actually give a rat’s backside about what others think could understand or answer such a question … which excludes Muslims. And for that matter, it excludes Bloomberg the Jackass.

In one of the most insensitive acts known to mankind, the “Religion of Peace” blows off courtesy, decorum and the feelings of the vast majority of Americans by establishing a mosque next to the same chunk of soil upon which their Jihadists shed American blood. How quaint. And … how telling.

The irony in this Islamic insult is the nine years of living hell the daft and duplicitous NYC bureaucrats have been giving St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in getting their church rebuilt after the Twin Towers flattened it on 9/11. But those same NYC bureaucrats are giddy as schoolgirls in erecting a mega-mosque to Mohammed on that macabre scene.

This is sick, twisted, rancid, pathetic, profane and offensive in the extreme. But this is what they historically do. Muslims see our 3,000 murdered citizens as a conquest to be celebrated, so they’re going to memorialize their bloody victory by establishing a mosque in honor of that sad morning.

Whiny Islam says we must not draw any offensive cartoons and must remove Jell-O from public schools because of trace pork products; they demand people be fired for bringing BLTs to eat at lunch; they want to rename our wars and re-write our history because it wounds their sensitive psyches; and in return they want to jam a 13-story, 100 million dollar Ground Zero mosque up our tailpipe.

I’m calling on all contractors far and wide to boycott the building of this insult. In addition, I’d like Donald Trump to outbid this imam and build a 15-story monument in the shape of a gargantuan middle finger wrapped in the America flag as a symbolic gesture to all our enemies—both foreign and domestic—of what we think about people who mess with America and that for which it stands.

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