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Today’s Conservatives Have a Pioneer’s Courage

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In an early scene in the 1939 production “Drums Along the Mohawk,” Claudette Colbert exclaims that her mother was right, she is not cut out for frontier life and asks to go home. Henry Fonda slaps her, apologizes, and then they fight Indians. The late David McCullough’s book The Pilgrims carries the same theme with the subtitle “The Heroic Story of the Settlers Who Brought the American Ideal West.”


Shall we launch into a diatribe on the weak-kneed, lily-livered modern Americans? Not a chance.

Conservatives today are fighting like pioneers.  This year is the average American is paying attention to politics. We know deep in our very cultural souls just how much our futures depend on this election. 

The steady drum beat of attacks on the American pioneer, capitalist and innovative spirit continue. Overwhelmed by foreign money from China, George Soros, Saudi Arabia, and even the scales of justice have a thumb on the more-government side. Our press no longer pretends that journalists are reporters, they are advocates, especially as talking heads. MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan argued that objective reporting is “dangerous” because there “aren’t two sides” to every story. The Sunday “news” call Republican primary winners are “extreme,” name “The Big Lie,” and ignore our Southern border and inflation.  

But Nixon’s Silent Majority remains. Covid woke up parents who are fighting children’s school books (don’t worry — schools are not teaching students to read anyway). More than 100 school boards flipped from liberal to conservative in the last elections. In the old South, white schools wore out their textbooks then shipped them to the black schools. A wild thing happened for a few years … black students were reading at better levels than whites. The phonics books were replaced by “see and read” and only blacks were being taught phonics. Now states are trying to outlaw homeschooling that brought some students back to reading par. Read and you get a different viewpoint all on your own – and the progressives cannot tolerate diversity of thought. 


Those who wish to destroy culture start with children. It’s why the Nazis and Communists recruited children to report their parents when they criticized their rulers. Stalin famously deleted people from photographs. Our children will never know Confederate heroes had streets named for them. That travesty was set up decades ago when the victorious Yankees painted the Civil War as a battle solely between abolitionists and slaveholders. Brave black Confederate soldiers disappeared as effectively as Stalin’s photos. 

Conservatives fought to save their families from vaccines and masks. Many were fired, demoted, lost retirements, paid for vacations we could not take, and are still facing unnecessary shortages. Small businesses we risked so much to start failed. Few conservatives have the vast government bureaucracy (larger than 100+ countries’ populations) or university jobs that were safe during Covid. Our unvaccinated children were scorned at school – other children were told to walk on the other side of the street when they saw unvaccinated children. The non-vaccinated could not take cruise until last week – and we have been proven correct all along. 

Stores yelled when customers put their masks on just inside the door in snow and in 96-degree humid heat.  When the woman glared and blocked me at the door in a Cherrydale, Arlington neighborhood hardware store because my mask was not on fast enough, I walked out never to return. Few conservatives will cause a scene, but we are learning to boycott. 


Conservative have had little faith in their media for decades. Reagan was vilified in the press on every front, until he was not. Too many Americans knew better. Now liberals just laud Roosevelt and Wilson, horrid men and presidents. The worst vitriol they save for the President who stopped the Clinton/Saul Alinsky/World Economic Forum/Great Reset takeover of America in 2016. With time their plans for “Amerika” leaked out; had massive action happened in 2017 more of us would have been felled unprepared. 

Readable books like the recent novel by former VP of the John Locke Foundation George C. Leef, The Awakening of Education of Jennifer van Arsdale, show we are adding our values to modern culture as Hollywood capitulates to woke entertainment. We will not resort to falsehoods; we know the FBI has turned up the volume and the IRS will follow. Tell us inflation is zero all you want, Mr. President, call us semi-fascists, try to indoctrinate our children -- we resist your vision of the world. In the final analysis, our American pioneer spirit and courage will prevail.

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