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The Media Deserves All Of Your Scorn And More

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Sometimes liberals do things so genuinely childish and stupid you almost have to feel sorry for them. Then you remember just how awful they are as people and the empathy passes. One such smug ass is the Washington Post’s Philip Bump. 


Bump has all the personality of his last name, and all the curiosity of puss-filled wound. Journalism, we’ve been told, is the questioning of everything, especially the powerful. “We speak truth to power,” reads the tramp stamp of every ideological leftists hiding behind a press pass. But they don’t, not even close.

It’s amazing what you can’t find out when you refuse to ask question; what you won’t find when you refuse to look for it. That’s the story of journalism in the Biden administration.

I don’t know if Joe Biden is corrupt or just stupid and being taken advantage of by every family member in his orbit, but I do know neither answer is good. I also know there are maybe three or four members of the media even willing to entertain the possibility. 

If you think back, there wasn’t a single member of the White House press corps during the Reagan, Bush, other Bush or Trump administrations who weren’t adversarial to the people in power. That’s how it should be. These people aren’t your friends, they’re either your objectives or obstacles on the way to reaching yours. 

Weirdly, they’re now dance partners; the dating and mating pool. The press and the Democratic Party are more inbred than Ilhan Omar’s marriage history. 


They marry, they cocktail party, they fundraise, they are in each other’s beds so often you’d think they were skin mites. What they don’t do is question, at least in any meaningful way.

Sure, every once in a while there are flashes of journalism, but they’re more of a meteorite than a comet – burning out faster than a match in a tornado. In a day or two, it’s like they never even happened.

The disaster of the Afghanistan withdrawal? The story maybe lasted a week, even though it continues to this day. There have been dozens of Hunter Biden revelations, few led to any questions and none to follow-ups or independent investigations. No one even bothered to ask why the President’s family set up more LLCs than most small towns have, and none provide any services or sell any goods, but they have received a lot of money from overseas, quite probably from people they’ve never met in countries they’ve never visited. All very curious, except for the incurious. 

And, it would seem, the field of journalism is loaded with the incurious. Chief among them, Philly Bump of the Washington Post.

Appearing on a podcast he clearly agreed to be a part of, Bumpy showed his cards to the world. In the face of basic questioning about things Hunter Biden himself, in his own words, confessed – that he gave half the fortune he was unqualified to be paid to his father. Did he? I don’t know. But it is odd that he wrote it to his own daughter. Considering the sources of his income – foreign governments and companies over which his father had serious governmental influence – you’d think that was send up a couple of flares and warrant a question or two. Nope. 


Phil not only doesn’t know what Hunter meant by that, he made it abundantly clear he has zero curiosity about it. He admits he doesn’t know what it means and he doesn’t care. He then packs up his bag and runs home. If journalism had any standards left, Philip Bump would be fired. Of course, if the Washington Post had any standards he never would’ve been hired in the first place. But when you’re the plaything of one of the world’s richest men, there is no real concern about standards. 

Phil Bump isn’t the problem with journalism, he’s the lump that is the first sign of a tumor. The cancer runs deep and is everywhere. There’s a reason journalism as an institution is less trusted than someone practicing dentistry in bed of a pick-up truck in a grocery store parking lot. 

It’s hard to feel sorry for these people, impossible, really. When you see them speak with a mixture of ignorance and arrogance that would cause Gandhi to think about throwing a punch, it’s hard to feel anything other than contempt toward these people. They do not speak truth to power, they speak “the truth” of the powerful. Professional throne-sniffers who conflate stenography with reporting and party invites with accomplishments. They’re bad people, they really are, and they deserve the scorn and ridicule heaped upon them because, unlike all the material things in their lives, that scorn is something they’ve fully earned. 


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.


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