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One thing about liberals is they know how to manipulate the public. It’s gross, really, and requires a special kind of evil to do it, to urinate on someone while telling them it’s raining. Yet, that’s who these people are – people who leave chaos and destruction in their wake and couldn’t care less about their rearview mirror. The ability to look people in the eye and tell them something they know is not true is the stuff of sociopaths…and progressives.


This was on full display after the school shooting in Nashville this week, as Democrats scrambled to cover up the fact that one of their own, a member of the tribe, has murdered three nine year olds and three adults because they hate Christians. 

How can I make that claim at the end about Christians? Because authorities refuse to release the manifesto the trans killer wrote and the only reason to do that is you don’t want the public to know the truth. At least, you don’t want the public to know the truth before they have the chance to establish an alternate narrative and enough time has passed that people’s attention starts to fade. And the left-wing lapdogs have been busy scrambling to establish alternate stories.

If you’ve ever been in Times Square at 2 a.m. you’ve likely seen some things, including someone playing 3-card Monty. The con artist running the game never shuts up, ever. Not because they have nervous energy over the prospect of losing the game, but to distract the rubes willing to play from the fact that he can’t lose the game. A silent version of the game would lead to no one playing.

The same goes for the left when a member of the “tribe” does something horrible. 

After other shootings we were inundated with profiles of the victims, selected to be the most sympathetic, that all lead to a call fo    r more gun control. After Nashville, since the killer was a delusional trans activist targeting Christians, the story isn’t about any of that. Have you seen any interviews with former classmates, co-workers, neighbors, etc.? I haven’t. 


What I have seen is a bunch of stories about how other “trans” people are living in fear of retribution. What the leftist drones don’t realize is conservatives don’t think that way – we don’t go in for collective guilt, that’s their thing. We don’t blame inanimate objects or everyone who looks like someone who did something awful, that’s where Democrats live – all white people are racists, all black people deserve reparations, etc. 

But Democrats run the media, they control narratives, so you get the killer’s manifesto hidden while stories run about how it’s the “trans community” who are afraid. 

The headline at NBC News reads, “Fear pervades Tennessee's trans community amid focus on Nashville shooter's gender identity.” These are people who insist everyone be “celebrated” for their identity, reducing humans to irrelevant characteristics, and suddenly it’s a scary proposition. They cite nothing, just feelings from activists whose existence is to get attention. Bu this is journalism nowadays. 

In the story, NBC reports, “Aislinn Bailey, the acting president of Tri-Cities Transgender, a trans-led support and advocacy group based in Johnson City, Tennessee, said her initial reaction to news that the suspect was transgender was fear. ‘I knew that as soon as anyone mentioned that, it was immediately going to become the center focus instead of what should be the focus, and that’s gun violence in this country,’ Bailey said. ‘I think it was unethical and highly suspect that information like that, which they had to have known could cause backlash on the trans community — releasing information like that without it being verified, that’s unconscionable as far as I’m concerned,’ Bailey said.   She added, ‘We were already fearing for our lives. Now, it’s even worse.’”


They may “fear for their lives,” but there are 6 people who lost theirs. None of the activists seemed to really care about that, nor did NBC News, which assigned to “NBC News ‘OUT’” reporters to the story, because news has sexuality now, or something. 

Are all trans people responsible? Well, if you think all white people have privilege and are racist, that all black people are victims and can’t get ahead on their own, or all males are rapists with a huge advantage society and they all, and everyone else, must pay for the sins of people who lived ages ago simply because they share irrelevant characteristics with them, then yes, they are.

Democrats hate it when they are held to anything close to their own standards, but they need to be. As long as they embrace mental illness as a virtue rather than something in need of treatment, screw them. As long as they insist others participate in the delusions of others by denying biological, economic, legal, or any other branch of reality, absolutely hold them to the same standards. As long as they bow to the whims of the fringe members of the Alphabet Mafia, it’s time to acknowledge that the “L” the “G” and “B” largely can’t stand the “T” and wouldn’t let them near their kids in a library either. And, ultimately, since it’s the “T” who are running the show, maybe that “T” stands for “terrorist.” It is what Democrats would do, isn’t it? 


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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