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There are some people, let’s call them descent human being, who upon realizing they’re doing something bad or harmful to others will stop that activity immediately and no longer engage in it going forward. Then there are Democrats. 

Democrats seem to live in a place where doing damage to others is not only common, but at a certain point you have to assume it is the whole point of what they do. You can’t keep punching someone in the face without others assuming that maybe you’re punching them in the face on purpose. Democrats punch their voters and low dollar donors in the face regularly, while occasionally mixing it up by also kicking them in the groin.

The treatment of small dollar donors – or “grassroots” as they like to call them – is nothing short of abusive intellectually and shameless. Of course, the shamelessness of the who endeavor is hilarious to the point that you have difficulty caring how intellectually abusive it really is, but it’s still fascinating to watch. 

But the one thing to know about all the left’s efforts to milk the wallets of their voters for everything in them (and potentially in them, since they’re perfectly happy to take high interest credit card donations) is it never ends. In “The Terminator,” Kyle Reese perfectly described these people when he said of those killing machines, “Listen, and understand. That Terminator is out there, it can't be bargained with, it can't be reasoned with, it doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop… EVER, until you are dead!”

That perfectly describes Democrats and their quest for cash.

The Georgia run-off election is tomorrow, and think what you will of what’s likely to happen there, Democrats will not stop or even take a breath after it when it comes to raising money and smearing Republicans. Republicans need to learn a thing or two from these people. Democrats will seamlessly shift to raising money for 2024 and stockpiling a war chest for whatever openings occur between now and then, and history shows us there will be a few – people resign, die, get other jobs, go to jail (though not as often as they deserve to up there) – Republicans need to be more prepared than Democrats are for those eventualities.

As the run-off in Georgia approached, everything on the left swung into action to use it. I said “to use it” because that’s what they’ve done, I doubt very highly they actually have spent all, or in a lot of cases any, of the money they’ve raised on the back of that Senate race on the actual race itself. But they’ve got full bank accounts ready to attack Republicans at every turn now and they’ll do it. 

It’s a permanent campaign, or more accurately a permanent smear campaign. That “walking around money” will be used to wine and dine left-wing reporters and outlets. You can almost see the dinners at which otherwise unlikeable, unattractive NBC News employees are fed and flattered while being given the faint hint of “maybe this can lead to sex at some point in the future” vibes to direct and shape coverage. I’m not accusing NBC News “journalists” of being Johns or Democrats of being prostitutes…because Johns pay and prostitutes pay off, it’s just the symbiotic relationship I find disgusting. Although, to be honest, I do find them to be Johns and prostitutes. 

Until tomorrow night there will be an endless stream of emails begging for money, desperately trying to convince widows and morons that their last-minute donation could be the difference-maker in Georgia. There is nothing a donation made at this point can do to influence and election – nothing. But people don’t know that and Democrats don’t care, they just want the cash and once they get it it’s never going back.

After tomorrow night, there will be emails about various recounts across the country and how they have to “fight” to “count every vote!” Then Donald Trump will say something, House Republicans will introduce some bill, Republicans will exist or whatever and it will be a caps lock emergency that people continue to give to stop them, or something.

Democrats are shameless and never let reality (or decency) stand in the way of them achieving their agenda. Republicans could use some of that (the relentlessness, not the lack of decency). Instead, they’re likely to follow whoever the latest celebrity is who casually says something that could be construed as conservative until they crash and burn a la Kanye. You don’t ever have to wonder why our side loses so often, you just have to notice – Republicans live in a land of false and meaningless starts and Democrats never stop. 


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