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I don't get it, I don't. I do not understand how it is anyone could vote for these Democrats. I get it, some people are liberals and love the idea of an intrusive government "doing things" for people, but that's not what we have. At least not exclusively. What we have with modern Democrats is an insane group of people hell-bent on subjugating the population to their will. That might sound dramatic, but it's true. These people are crazy.


We are on the cusp of an economic disaster – staring down the barrel of a major recession/depression along with shortages and aggressive enemies who are inching closer to viewing now as the time to test our military's ability and our nation's will. And Democrats are promising to "codify Roe v. Wade into law." 

I get it, the country can walk and chew gum at the same time. But Democrats aren't chewing, they're just walking…away from their responsibilities. 

Again, I understand that's what they do – Democrats are the party playing Pope of politics: granting their followers absolution from responsibility, etc., I get it. What I don't get is how it appeals to anyone. 

Sure, who doesn't want to have "mailbox money" – cash that just shows up no matter what you do? What Democrats offer people is their very own Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes win, but the Prize Patrol comes over to your house and gives you just enough to get by. Treading water is enough for some people, I guess, but it also saps the humanity out of everyone. 

Aspiration is an important part of the human spirit, to say nothing of the American spirit. People conditioned to accept "just enough" lose that part of them. They become terrified their existence will be taken from them by the people providing for it to be sustained. That's how voters can look around economic wastelands like Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, St. Louis, etc., and continue to vote for the party with the philosophy that created that destruction and do so generation after generation. The idea has been indoctrinated into them that somehow, though it's impossible to know how, if they elected Republicans it would be worse. But Democrats will keep those evil Republicans at bay and help sustain your life as it is now.


But people aren't meant to be sustained, they're meant to strive. Democrat policies rob people of that. Think of a baseball player. As a kid, the idea of a 99-mile-per-hour fastball is terrifying, as is one going 40. Now imagine a curve ball that breaks. Who could hit that thing?

You have a couple of choices as you get older: continue to play and learn how to deal with the curve or other breaking pitches, or move on because you simply can't. Those who adapt move up and have a shot at scholarships and the pros, and those who can't go on to other things for which they are better suited. But Democrats come along and promise everyone t-ball. 

Democrats will make sure everyone can hit the ball off the tee, with no one appreciably better than anyone else. This might sound great to the people who can't hit, but it's not. They're now stuck playing a game, even if they love it, that will never lead them to any level of achievement. They're doing so at the expense of whatever they would have discovered otherwise. And the people who can hit breaking balls now have their skills frozen, never advancing beyond where they are to wherever they could take them. 

No one wins, ultimately. 

That's how Democrat policies work or don't, depending on how you look at them and what you want out of life. Some people will happily sit on the couch all day, content with just enough to maintain their life the way it is. Others aspire; to strive for more. 

It's your life, and as far as I'm concerned, you can waste it all you want. But someone choosing to waste their life is different than a political party setting up a scenario where your aspirations and humanity are sucked out of you so they can have a mindless, obedient voting base. That's what is on the ballot not only Tuesday but every election day. It truly is loco that the Democrat pitch works on anyone.


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