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Fetterman Is the Big Lie

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I have to be honest, I was a little worried about the Pennsylvania Senate debate on Tuesday night. The bar for Democrat John Fetterman was so low that all he had to do was not defecate on the stage and his team, with the help of the media, could declare him to be the winner. But he did so horrible of a job that they couldn’t even do that. My concern was unwarranted, which is a testament to just how poor Fetterman’s health really is. Everyone in his orbit, starting with his wife, has committed to the biggest lie of all – that he’s up for the job of United States Senator.


The lure of power is incredibly strong. If you’ve ever been around people with political power, even on a local level, there are people around them who suck up to them like they have the cure for whatever ails them. There will even be groupies, believe it or not. Political power is an aphrodisiac for far too many people. 

That appeal is a big reason why many people want the job. There are a lot of perks with the job too. Spouses get reflected glory and jobs they otherwise wouldn’t qualify for, if their Member spouse sits on the right committees. Some wives, for example, happily put up with a cheating husband because they enjoy the trappings of being a Congressman’s husband so much.

Maybe that explains why John Fetterman isn’t focusing on his recovery from his massive stroke. His wife seems to really enjoy the attention that comes with the campaign, especially a campaign in which the candidate can’t do much. She’s the star, appearing at events, garnering fawning left-wing fans, etc.

You’d like to think a spouse wouldn’t put their personal ambitions ahead of the health and well-being of their significant other, but we do live in a world where Jill Biden is watching Joe deteriorate before her eyes and she…sure loves being First Lady, so anything is possible.

What isn’t possible is the idea that John Fetterman is not up to the job of Senator. His debate performance was so awful that the usual media talking heads didn’t even try to pretend he’d won, they’d simply started whining about “ableism” and how Dr. Mehmet Oz was mean somehow. 


After the left spent months insisting Fetterman was fine, that his stroke was not a big deal, they’ve now elevated him to being the embodiment of disabilities and a champion of it. “What’s our learning opportunity after tonight’s #PASenateDebate? How can we design a society that is truly open to people with disabilities?” tweeted one pathetic progressive after linking to her MSNBC piece (see what I mean by pathetic?) claiming “If it wasn’t clear that the U.S. electoral system is still not accessible to people with disabilities, tonight was proof.”

Is she unaware of who the President is?

There was barely a leftist in the media who didn’t follow the order to claim disabled status for Fetterman to deflect from his debate performance. “Ableism” trended on social media. This was odd because, as I said, these very same people spent the last 2 months insisting Fetterman was fine, that he suffered no long-term impact from his stroke. Now he’s the most disabled man in America and even acknowledging that he’d tossed a nonsensical word salad to every question he was asked is now a hate crime of some sort.

Were he not disabled, people might notice the absurdity of what a person like rich leftist hippie “guru” Marianne Williamson said, “I’d rather have my Senator be a principled man who sometimes has trouble getting his words out, than someone who can get his words out but sacrificed his principles along the way.” To notice what she said could mean you also noticed Fetterman’s lies on always having supported fracking (he did not, and really doesn’t now) and the lie that he’s perfectly fine from a health perspective. As you know, every person of “principle” lies about important things, right


These people are disgraces and jokes. Stevie Wonder could see Fetterman is not up for the job. Anyone who actually cares about him would’ve had him withdraw long ago so he could get the help he desperately needs to fully recover and so his party could put up a candidate fit enough to serve. 

There’s a theory that Team Fetterman is hoping he wins, then will resign because he’s not up to the job, which would allow a Democrat Governor to appoint his replacement. And who would that replacement be? His wife, the former illegal alien and radical left-wing activist Gisele Fetterman. She does give off “desperate for attention and political power” vibes. Worse than that, if she cared about her husband even a little bit she would insist his recovery be not only his top priority, but his only priority. She appears to have no such concern. 

The biggest lie in politics today is that the 6’ 8” Frankenstein look-a-like with Lord Voldemort growing out of his neck is fit for office. He needs help, he just has no one around him more interested in getting him that help than they are in helping themselves to the money is campaign is bringing in and the power it is striving for. It’s sad, really. Will any of them stick around if he loses? 

Don’t feel sorry for him, he is going along with it. If you want to feel sorry for anyone, shed a tear for the person who has to type up the transcript of Fetterman’s debate performance. That poor bastard went through hell. 


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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