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Where does the stupid in Joe Biden end and where does the senility begin? It’s a question for the ages, one historians will ask and argue over for generations to come. Whatever the answer, the end result is disaster as Biden oversees the destruction of the greatest economic force the world has ever seen. The election in just over 2 weeks is the last chance to rein in Biden’s consistently wrong instincts to prevent permanent damage. But it’s not just Biden doing that damage, it’s the entirety of the Democrat Industrial Complex and the real “big lie” being sold to the public.


In an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart for the racist Joy Reid show (I’d make an analogy about a Republican president sitting down with a racist Fox host, but there isn’t anything close to an equivalent) the so-called journalist asked the following question, “A far –right conservative person said earlier this month about the Senate race in Georgia, and I quote ‘I don’t care if Herschel Walker paid to abort endangered baby eagles, I want control of the Senate.’ You were in the Senate a long time, 1973 to 2008, you know that institution inside and out, better than anybody probably has ever served in it. In that time, you served with many Republicans, super-conservative Republicans. My question is to you, though, Mr. President, is can our democracy survive when the Republican Party is…it only cares about power?”

Honestly, Joe Biden can skip his next colonoscopy, Capehart was just up there, kissing everything, and saw nothing. 

Our idiot President, after the tongue bath from a “serious journalist,” answered a question with implicit “Democrats don’t care about power” undertones (something laughable on its face as they still order anyone they can to get a “vaccine” shot that doesn’t work simply because they can’t let go of the power to do so), replied, “I think that if we allow the Republican party to continue to metastasize into a minority of what the party as a whole is…I look, I think one of the reasons there’s not more mainstream conservative Republicans running out there is because they are so concerned about not only their physical well-being, but also notion that how can they win when a minority of Republicans are showing up to vote and they’re really hard edged?” What planet is he from? Putting aside the absurdity that potential Republican candidates were concerned for their safety from anything other than the Brownshirt BLM/ANTIFA progressive mob committing political violence for years on behalf of, and with the blessing of, Biden’s party, let’s just take a second and look at what the two parties have become over the last few years on just a couple of issues. Abortion: There was once Republicans on both sides of the issue, just as there once were pro-life Democrats. There are still Republicans on both sides of the issue and Republicans who are pro-life who support all manner of restrictions – from a total ban to a 15-week ban. There isn’t a single Democrat willing to say there should be any restrictions on abortion, up to the moment of birth, and until the kid goes to college if that becomes the fashion with the radical left.Capitalism: Both parties were capitalists, by and large. No Democrat pays more than lip service to the concept now.Women: Both parties used to know what one was – Bill Clinton never hooked up with a male intern and Ted Kennedy never screwed around with or killed a guy, they knew exactly what a woman was. Now, as if someone waived a magic wand, every Democrat has forgotten what a woman is, even the women who’ve spent their political careers claiming to be champions of women.These are a few examples, but there really isn’t any issue on which the left hasn’t been completely homogenized, no one dare disagree with the fringe out of fear of their wrath. Tell me again how Republicans have radicalized?When you’re sitting next to someone in the middle of a bench then you slide down to the end, if you ignored where you were before you could make the case that the other person has moved so far to the extreme to a person ignorant of how things were. That’s what Democrats are now – a group of people lying to the base they’ve fought hard to keep ignorant. The extent to which it works in the future is dependent upon how much it has worked so far. The results of this election will determine more than who controls the House or Senate, it will determine whether or not we start to pull up from the Democrat-imposed nosedive on everything from free speech and economics to the Alphabet Mafia and cultural rot. Don’t take the common sense of your friends, family and neighbors for granted, make sure those who have common sense actually vote. Drag them with you if that’s what it takes. The stakes have never been higher.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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