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AP Photo/Marc Levy

Have you seen that Uncle Fester-looking weirdo running for Senate as a Democrat in Pennsylvania? His name is John Fetterman, and he's one of those people you'd never believe could make it in elected politics because they're just so creepy and odd. Realistically, you'd be surprised how many people who fit that bill end up in politics somehow, but few of them are quite as weird as Fetterman. 

You really have to wonder what Democrats didn't like about the people running against Fetterman to choose a guy who looks like an extra from a Dracula movie. Have you ever heard the man speak? Did you know that even though he dresses like a homeless man and hates capitalism, he's from a wealthy family and happily lived off their money until only a few years ago? Oddly enough, he's a perfect Democrat – a Michael Moore with less charm and worse looks. 

Fetterman's history, aside from his general sense of laziness, is not stellar. His only accomplishments have been getting Democrats to vote for him. In the tradition of Bernie Sanders, who never really held a real job in his life and was once tossed out of a hippie commune for laziness, Fetterman is picking up the torch of progressives who bring nothing to the table but a desire to dictate the terms for the use of the table. 

He also brings a history of racism, as is pretty common among Democrats. A few years ago, while a worthless mayor of a small town in Pennsylvania, Fetterman pulled a shotgun on a black man because, well, he was a black man. Don't take my word for it, here is how NBC News puts it (which is to say, here's the most Fetterman-friendly way this story can be spun): 

"John Fetterman said he heard what sounded like gunfire and saw a man running away. So he reacted by getting his kid inside to safety before he called 911. What Fetterman did next, however, still haunts him nine years later as he campaigns for the Democratic nomination for the Senate in Pennsylvania: He chased the man down with a shotgun and detained him until police arrived. It turned out that the man was jogging and wearing running clothes. According to a police report, the man was unarmed and said the sound of gunfire was actually fireworks, although two witnesses thought they heard shots. The man Fetterman pulled a gun on is Black. Fetterman — the mayor of the Pittsburgh-area borough of Braddock at the time and now the state's lieutenant governor — is white. Fetterman, 52, said he couldn't tell the jogger's race initially because of how he was bundled up in the winter cold."

Imagine if that guy were a Republican. 

But John Fetterman isn't a Republican, so the story isn't a story. Rather than an ongoing story dogging him for refusing to speak about it, liberal news outlets wrote about it during the primary and have pretty much ignored it since. That's how the left-wing media works – they frame stories negative about Democrats as no big deal in dismissing reports where they can say they "checked the box" of covering the story passively, then justify ignoring it for the rest of forever because they "covered it" and it's "old news." 

It's one hell of a racket the left has going there. 

I don't know how good of a candidate Dr. Oz is against him, but I know he doesn't bring the kind of baggage Fester Fetterman does. How in the world anyone could be behind to that weirdo is a mystery for the ages.

In a fundraising email with the subject line, "Mmmmm crudité," Fetterman included a picture of himself holding a veggie tray trying to make himself out to be some sort of semi-normal person. "Just kidding. This is NOT a photo of me holding Crudité," the email reads. "Here in PA, we just call this a Veggie Tray. You probably call it that too in Washington. Seriously. If this looks like anything other than a Veggie Tray to you, then I am probably NOT your candidate. Because there's nothing more patronizing to everyday people than calling a 'Veggie Tray' some fancy French word that literally everyone has to look up on Google."

Unless Dr. Oz randomly starts beating Pennsylvanians on the street, he needs to step up his game and destroy this Fetterman weirdo. 



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