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When I wrote my end of the year column last year I thought there was nowhere to go but up. I was wrong. While 2020 sucked in more ways than I care to remember, 2021 out-sucked it by a mile. The only thing bad about it ending is the same clowns who ruined this year will still be in power in 2022 (though hopefully for the last time). 


Where to start with the sucking? Might as well start at the top – the Biden administration’s retreat from Afghanistan. 

Make no mistake about it, it’s wasn’t a withdrawal, it was a retreat. Withdrawals are organized and planned, retreats are hasty and panicked. That’s what Joe Biden caused. No plan, no clue, no goal beyond a date he chose for reasons known only to him in what remains of his mind. And 13 American service men and women, not to mention scores of Afghanis, died because of it.

Americans left behind, abandoned by a government that swore it wouldn’t on national television only weeks before. Thousands, by most counts, hundreds by the administration’s, though that number manages to increase, sometimes doubling, each time it’s asked about. Luckily for the Biden administration, it’s not asked about very often because no one in the White House press corps cares. 

It was a story, for about 2 weeks, then it went away. Not the actual events, they’re still ongoing, but the story about it no longer rates. But this failure exposed Joe Biden for the moronic fraud he’s always been, and had the nation wondering what the hell was wrong with Delaware that they sent this boob to DC for so many decades.

The coverage faded, the media got back in line, but the American people Pepperidge Farmed the whole thing, remembering against the wishes of the establishment and fundamentally changed how many see this senile liar. It has impacted everything since.


The other big story of the year was COVID. That senile d-bag currently sniffing the hair of female staffers at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ran under the guise of having a plan to “shut down the virus.” Whatever happened to that? Seems like now would be a good time to release that, doesn’t it? Unless, of course, it never existed…which is actually the case.

More people have been infected and more Americans have died under Joe Biden’s leadership than former President Donald Trump. Trump was once asked why people should vote for him since he’s overseen more deaths than the Vietnam war. That’s near an average month for Biden.

Joe’s failure and the subsequent blood on his hands (I mean, we have to use the same standards the left used against Trump, right?) came with the aid of “vaccines,” which are really just temporary immune system boosters, and various treatments like new drugs and monoclonal antibodies that are saving lives. While the media focused on Florida, left-wing strongholds like New York are setting records we didn’t know possible for infections. Is New York home of the world’s greatest doorknob licking competitors? Or do its citizens make out with everyone they meet?

If every blip in Florida is the direct result of Governor Ron DeSantis, surely every surge where they follow the word of Joe Biden is his fault, right? Judging by the polling, the American people are paying attention and have noticed.


Lastly, in February we lost Rush Limbaugh. It wasn’t unexpected, just unwanted. We knew he was sick, but thought we had more time. He gave us all the time he could, grateful for every moment he could spend behind that microphone until he simply couldn’t anymore. 

The most effective communicator of conservative principles ever, funny as the day is long, Rush was never beaten by liberals. Undefeated in the end, he did more than anyone since Ronald Reagan to educate the public on the role of government and the greatness of America. 

I never met him, but I consider his brother, David, a good friend and a great man. The industry he created and dominated hasn’t recovered, and never will. I know I’m going to catch hell for this, but I don’t care because it needs to be said by someone – you can’t replace greatness with petty, you can’t replace talent with self-promotion and 3-hour long commercials for hosts’ “brands” and other products, and you can’t replace the best there ever was in radio with people yearning to be TV stars. Rush could have been a TV star, he had a wildly successful one and walked away from it. He chose to stay in and focus on radio, which is why he was so dominated it.

Talk radio will have to change, the man on whom it was built and propped up returned his loaned talent to God. How and in which direction it changes remains to be seen, but we were lucky to have lived in the time of Rush.


We all have had some individual victories this year, no year is all bad. Each of those is personal, and we are grateful for them. But as a country, as the world’s superpower, as that shining city on a hill, it was a bad year thanks to bad leadership. Last year, I was certain there was nowhere to go but up. I was wrong. For 2022, let’s stay focused on a good election day in November. Oh, and let’s go, Brandon. 

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