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And Just Like That…Political Correctness Ruins Everything

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I know, I know…and I don’t need to hear about it from you, but I did watch the first two episodes of “And Just Like That…” on HBO Max out of morbid curiosity. And yuck. Leftist political correctness always had the goal of ruining anything good in life, anything fun, but now fear of upsetting the left-wing mob has even members of that mob ruining themselves preemptively in the hope of avoiding offending a group of people whose very existence is a quest to be offended by everything. It’s both sad and hilarious at the same time.


For those of you who don’t know, “And Just Like That…” is a sort of sequel to “Sex and the City,” which ran on HBO for 12 years starting in the late 1990s. And yes, I did watch it back then. Why? Honestly, the nudity. Show me a college student who wouldn’t check out a show with attractive women and nudity and I’ll show you…actually, there is nothing to compare it to because there isn’t a college student who wouldn’t check out nudity on their TV if it were there. Admitting to it publicly is different…

I’ll be further honest, I didn’t really pay close attention to the show. There was the whiny lead chick, the uptight one, the really angry one, and the one who slept with everyone. That’s about the level of thought I gave the show – I watched it when I happened to see it on, but this was before DVRs and was never a disappointing viewing for me. 

That being said, I didn’t hate it. It was obnoxious sometimes and the characters were straight up stereotypes, both the women and the men, most of whom were gay characters, but it had its moments of being entertaining. It was also on the same night as other HBO shows I enjoyed, which also contained nudity but I liked for reasons beyond that, like “Entourage.” 

When I heard  “And Just Like That…” was being made, my first thought was, “They can’t find other work.” That may be true, but maybe they also thought there were more stories to tell? I don’t know. Waive a big enough check in front of someone not getting a check for anything and they’ll like jump, which everyone involved but the actress who played the one who slept with everyone did. 


It premiered this past Friday to much hype. We had friends over Saturday and one of them mentioned that she’d watched the first two episodes. I wasn’t in a rush to watch, wasn’t even aware they’d been released, but I had to ask how they were. She was honest – not good, for a number of reasons – and gave me some spoilers because spoilers don’t bother me. 

Once I’d heard her review and knew it was out, I had to watch. So after the wife and kids went to bed Saturday night, I played the available episodes. 

It’s been forever since I’d seen an episode of the original, so maybe the acting was always bad, but the acting was bad. Worse than the acting, and the way in which they explained the sleeping with everyone chick not being there, was the way they had to remove a character and how it wasn’t really that big of a deal to the character most impacted. If you’ve seen it, you know. Can’t have a show like this with people being happy. 

Worst of all is the PC BS sort of jackhammered into it. The non-binary podcast co-host, the black college professor ready to be offended by everything, and the weak lead characters. While the lead characters in the old show were oftentimes bad people, they weren’t whimpering cowards. Now, rather than stand up for themselves to the woke mob or these insane concepts of what is or isn’t offensive, they all come at everything like an abused dog with its tail between its legs. It’s pathetic. 

One of the things “Sex and the City” was praised by leftist critics for was how “empowering” it was supposed to be for women. I never understood how a bunch of women stereotypically obsessing over shoes while desperately trying to find a man was empowering, but whatever. 


Now, the very concept that these female characters are strong about anything is gone. They’re cowards ready to apologize if they offended someone. There’s a painful scene no description can do justice to if the angry one starts in graduate school. Seriously, check it out

Whatever nostalgia there may have been for the concept, the execution, well, executed. It’s horrible. If that’s what their world became, their world should be destroyed. 

The irony, of course, is the original show as a left-wing leader in the culture war, now it’s a victim of what they embraced. And just like that, you realize karma is all too real sometimes…

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