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Whip It (Whip It Good)

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Some people are unbelievably stupid, while the stupidity of others is completely believable. Democrats fall firmly into the latter category. Some of the most insane conspiracy theories, even after a thorough debunking, thrive like COVID in a caravan of “migrants” among Democrats. And each week, sometimes each day, medial liberals cook up more crazy ideas and thoughts to infect the vacuous areas in heads of Democrats normally occupied by brains. To call that area “fertile ground” is to imply there is ground in there, when their heads are really filled with nothing but the purest form of natural fertilizer.


The latest entry into what should be called the “Russian Collusion Hall of Fame” is the idea that border patrol agents were whipping illegal aliens, which Democrats and the media dutifully call “migrants.” They aren’t migrants, migrant has a very specific definition that involves migrating where work can be found, in and out of a country. These people have no intention of ever leaving, they need to be forcibly removed.

This latest stupidity stems from some still images of border patrol agents on horses doing their best to control an overwhelming crowd of illegals marching into the United States like they belong here. The western bridle used is long and helps trained riders control their horse in close quarters. Delicate liberals saw a split second of what happened, captured in a still picture, and assumed the worst of the law enforcement officers on horseback, because that’s what they always assume about law enforcement.

Liberal activist Sawyer Hackett, likely more familiar with polo and dressage bridles than ones people with testosterone use, tweeted out pictures and claimed, “Border patrol is mounted on horseback rounding up Haitian refugees with whips.  This is unfathomable cruelty towards people fleeing disaster and political ruin. The administration must stop this.”


Sawyer (apparently a real name) is the executive director of Julian Castro’s activist group, which I can only assume is a typical political money grab scam since their website’s homepage still lists elections in 2020. The group is called “People First Future,” which sounds like they made a bet to call it the first three words they pulled out of a woke sack of acceptable words. Hackett knows no one was being whipped, but he doesn’t care. The tweet remains up.

From the acorn of one person’s idiocy sprang a mighty oak of stupidity – soon the blue checkmark brigade was in full effect, sending out their own tweets with the false claim. Each, of course, expressed their outrage over the idea, comparing it to slavery because the only analogies Democrats have any more are related to their racist history.

The reason for the slavery analogy is the current crop of illegal aliens marching through Joe Biden’s open border are black Haitians, and Democrats only see race. What they don’t see is any reason to question how it is that tens of thousands of Haitians ended up 2,000 miles away from their island in a land-locked area of the Texas-Mexico border and why? It’s because most of them aren’t escaping an earthquake in their pit of a country (which, by the way, shares an island with the Dominican Republic, which does not suffer the devastation Haiti does with each earthquake. Makes you realize it’s the fault of the corrupt government they have, which is not our responsibility or fault.)


The truth is, these Haitians are dual citizens of other Latin American countries and have been living there for a long time. They just see the open border under Joe Biden and our stupid policy of assuming everyone with a Haitian passport is a victim of a natural disaster as a way to allow them to come right in. And they’re right.

For all the hype over a few hundred Haitians being sent back to their island, just enough for show, the rest are being released into the U.S. They aren’t being whipped as they walk in. The border patrol does not have a secret Devo division that trains agents how to “whip it good” on horseback. Maybe she should, just like we should enforce our border and our laws, but we don’t do any of those things either. Our southern border is a 7-11, it never closes but doesn’t require a shirt, shoes, general literacy even in an illegal’s native language, or any legal reason at all to get service (and by service I mean welfare benefits that are supposed to be reserved for Americans).

Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Ginger Goebbels Jen Psaki, every idiot in leftist media you expect (from the dim Joy Reid to the Bobbsy Twins over at CNN) all repeated various versions of the lie long after the truth was known. It’s what they do.

The truth can’t help Democrats, it never does. They have to create and embrace lies. They need this country to be racist because the alternative would be to admit their policies, implemented where they have total control, are actually hurting minorities. They can’t have that. To avoid it, they’ll accuse everyone protecting this country of loving whips to the point that they’re secretly a dominatrix.


Truth is, this is what Democrats want to happen. They want the flood of illegal aliens, they want the flood of disease, they want more people to be government dependent – either natural born or imported – they want to destroy the country. They want to “fundamentally transform” the country, not tweak it around the edges.

They’ve already convinced morons the country is flawed at its core from its founding, you can’t tweak that. It must be wiped clean and started anew. Our freedoms must be removed, not limited. The only way to do any of that is to collapse what exists now, and “build back better” on their ruins they’ve created. Promise the world, deliver misery. By the time these idiot realize it, it’s too late.

Yeah, we could use some toughness on the border, but we could also use it in Washington, DC, too. Actually, we could use a lot of it in DC. You get the right people in place there, the border crisis can be fixed pretty easily, and without whips.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.


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