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Critical race theory isn’t real! At least that’s what Democrats would have you believe. They scream it from the mountain tops, yell it on the streets, chant it wherever masses of unwashed leftists get together to share their ideas and scabies with each other. But if it isn’t real, it makes you wonder why they’re so upset at the prospect of its use being banned from public schools, doesn’t it?


If someone introduced a bill making it illegal to bring a unicorn on public transportation, I would think there was something wrong with that person, something seriously wrong. What I wouldn’t do is dedicate the majority of my waking hours trying to prevent that bill from becoming law. Even if it were law, what difference would it make? There’s no such thing as unicorns, so banning them from anywhere, or even everywhere, won’t make a single bit of difference in the world. If the punishment for bringing a unicorn on a plane were death by torture, it still wouldn’t matter – there’s no such thing as unicorns.

But to our leftist friends who insist critical race theory is some boogeyman conservatives made up, that this racist belief system is not being taught in schools anywhere, they can’t stop fighting for the right to bring that unicorn on a plane. 

Let me offer a point of clarification, so there isn’t any hat hanging on technicalities. Saying critical race theory is being taught in schools is a bit misleading – it’s not being taught, it’s being employed. Young kids aren’t being indoctrinated on the nuts of CRT, CRT methods and beliefs are being used to indoctrinate kids. There’s a difference that allows leftists to squirm out of an honest discussion. 


And, of course, that’s where the damage to children lies. 

For generations, Democrats have been insisting to minority children that they can’t get ahead, that “the system” is so rigged against them that they might as well not even bother trying. That works on some, but far too many people were not giving up hope and surrendering themselves and their fates to Democrats, so they had to go bigger. 

The ultimate goal for Democrats has been to “fundamentally transform” the country, not reform it, not tweak it around the edges, but to remove what is and replace it with their perverted view of how the world should be. If you believe something is fundamentally flawed, you can’t “fix” it; you can’t even alter it – it must be completely wiped out so you can start over from scratch. That’s what Democrats are employing critical race theory to bring about.

If they have to ruin some people’s lives along the way, so be it. Progressives have never been interested in the rights or lives of individuals, aside from their own. The history of the progressive movement is one of treating individuals as disposable.

In the dawn of the progressive movement, progressives were openly racist, called for (and, in some cases managed to do it) the forced sterilization of people they deemed unworthy of reproduction either through mental illness, low IQ, or skin color, and firmly believed in their own moral and intellectual superiority. They believed that superiority should have them ruling over everyone else. It’s hidden now, but the Nazis were progressives just as much as communists and socialists were. The only reason they opposed each other was a power struggle to lead the left, not deep-rooted difference of beliefs. 


I’ve never quite understood why progressives started using the name again, they used to just be liberals. “Progressive” has a horrible history of racism and discrimination, why not pick something else? No one would accept “the new Klan” that isn’t into racism. Then again, a lot of KKK members were progressives too...

As these school board meetings devolve into shouting matches where elected officials try to silence parents while insisting what they’re doing isn’t what they’re really doing, remember this one important fact: people voted for this.

I know it sounds cynical to say, but people went to the polls and elected these critical race theory fascists who are more interested in children being able to list 100 different “genders” by the time they graduate than if they can add 10 to 90 and get 100. In other words, these outraged communities did it to themselves, either through ignorance or apathy. 

“What difference does it make who’s on the school board?” many thought, “they’re all interested in teaching kids.” A huge difference, it turns out. Critical race theory is a problem, but it isn’t the biggest threat schools face, it’s apathy from citizens who only get involved when it’s nearly too late to stop the liberal agenda. Let’s just hope that lesson was learned in time.


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