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Does Anyone Actually Like Adam Schiff?

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There are some Members of Congress you see and think, “I get it, I can see how that person got elected.” Either they’re charismatic, smart, attractive, have that “it” factor, or some combination of those traits and you get it. Then there are some who have you thinking they made some kind of deal with the devil to get there – personality-less, weird, creepy, almost soulless people who’d say or do anything if it helped them, even a little. California Congressman Adam Schiff is the perfect example of that.


He hasn’t been in the news much, which should tell you something about all the allegations he threw around during the Trump administration. For someone who swore the Russian government had installed a puppet in the White House, it’s a bit odd that he’d drop all investigations into it the second he had a President in the White House who’d offer up access to any and everything within the executive branch, doesn’t it? 

Of course, he was lying. That’s what he does, lies are his water. But you can’t help but think about this guy and wonder how he got there. Who ran against him in the past? I get that his district is liberal, so the odds of them electing a Republican are slim, but what about the primary? Did he run against a pervert? It’s California, being a pervert would probably be a plus. 

What kind of character flaws or personality defects could his opponents have had that would lead the people of his district to think “Adam Schiff is my guy!”? 

The only reason these thoughts occurred to me is on the 1 year anniversary of the death of George Floyd I got an email from the Schiff campaign. I have no idea how I ended up on his campaign list, I signed up for a few campaign emails just to see what they were sending out, but not his. Somewhere in the process my contact info was sold to him, and now I get regular requests for money. 

The reason I mentioned George Floyd is the one on May 25th was about him and raising money off his death. Classy, as always. 


I don’t know if Schiff was the only Democrat raising money off Floyd, I can’t imagine he was – Democrats will raise money off anything, no matter how classless it is to do. 

Schiff’s email reads, in part, “In the past year, we’ve seen a seismic shift in activism. Millions of people have marched in favor of police reform and spoken out against the systemic racism and discrimination Black Americans face every single day.” That’s a pretty selective memory of the last year and a complete bastardization of the reality of policing, but what do you expect from someone like him? 

He then claims “Democrats have lifted up the voices of those crying out. We’ve listened. We’ve stood up. We’ve marched alongside activists. And we’ve passed legislation to begin the work of righting wrongs.” They’re such heroes, aren’t they?

“But Republicans have stood in the way at every turn,” he continued. “Villainizing peaceful protest. Preventing justice. Laughing off accountability. And blowing racist dog whistles as loud as bullhorns to rally their base.” More than 100 straight days of riots, dozens murdered, more than a billion dollars in damage and those mean, racist, dog whistle-blowing Republicans villainized those sweet, sweet people. 

He doesn’t come right out and beg for money in the email, even Democrats get how tacky that would be. Schiff’s email includes a link to sign a “petition” demanding Republicans pass “police reform,” which Democrats had just finished blocking in the last year of the Trump administration. (No mention of that in the email.)


From the signing of the petition, as soon as you hit submit, then comes the ask for cash. It’s really gross. The petition is meaningless, just an attempt to reel suckers in; and it works. 

So, with the lies, the creepy personality, the willingness to do or say anything, you really have to wonder what the alternatives are every two years that make Adam Schiff the most appealing option to voters of his district. Because I can’t imagine anyone actually likes him.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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