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Office of the NY Governor via AP

Honestly, if you didn’t already know that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was a scumbag you’ve either been living under a rock or are a journalist. Everyone else could see the writing on the wall from long before the pandemic occurred. Once COVID invaded from China, the writing turned to neon lights, and still the left looked away. No incompetence, no body count could distract their eyes from the narrative of the large-nostriled hero standing up to “Orange Man Bad.” Now, Cuomo has outlived his political usefulness. The clock is ticking, whether he leaves office or not, Andrew Cuomo is a fallen man whose time as a productive leader is coming to an end.

Cuomo’s fall was only spectacular because of how high he’d been built up. The left needed an alternative to President Donald Trump. Joe Biden wasn’t up to the challenge, even though he was their candidate. New York’s governor filled that void, happily.

Biden’s inability to string together a coherent sentence coupled with his general state of mental decay meant he could only campaign in controlled environments and scripted events. But Democrats knew that wouldn’t be enough to win. They needed a face that was attached to a functioning brain, or close enough to one that no one would notice, to play against Trump throughout the campaign. Kamala Harris was so unpopular with Democrats that her campaign couldn’t even make it to the first caucus, so she wasn’t really an option. Cuomo was the natural choice.


From the moment of his first press conference, the entire liberal establishment was on board with Andrew Cuomo as the anti-Trump. No matter what happened, his press conferences were brilliant and reassuring and the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings were a circus. Cuomo was asked softball questions by a sycophantic media and recapped by members of his fan club with cable news shows. Donald Trump was shouted at by primadonnas asking unrelated questions repeatedly, then dissected immediately afterward by panels of Democrats, until they stopped carrying the press conferences altogether. 

Cuomo could do no wrong when compared to the man the left determined had no business existing. 

Meanwhile, senior citizens were dying at a rate that could only be ignored willfully, which it was. Conservative news outlets noticed and reported on it, but the die had been cast so the rest of the media ignored it. Biden’s senior COVID advisor, who worked closely with Cuomo, even gave him cover, writing last July, “There’s a right-wing meme about how Cuomo killed people in nursing homes…The nursing home meme was generally spread by people whose principal skill is retweeting unread click bait. I ran the agency the Agency that oversaw nursing home safety & have been talking about this on TV, in writing & with governors.”

Everyone had Cuomo’s back because he served an important purpose for them. That ended after the election.


Having served his purpose, the love and protection continued. What’s a few thousand dead senior citizens when you helped take the White House? 

But conservatives kept asking questions. Then a former staffer claimed he’d been inappropriate with her. Dutifully, the media ignored it. Then the New York attorney general reported that Cuomo’s administration hid the number of deaths in nursing homes as a result of his asinine order that COVID-positive patients had to be readmitted to them, and liberal media grumbled, but held the line against reporting it. Then the former staffer when public with specifics of the governor’s inappropriate behavior and it still didn’t rate. Then another former staffer came forward with stories of the 63-year-old pressuring a 25-year-old female subordinate about her sex life, implying he’d happily bed someone her age and asking if she was into older men.

The radar blipped, a little. This was the man who’d been the face of Democrats when their nominee couldn’t be – he wore a cape under his suit, after all. So, after a vague denial, down the memory hole it went. 

But then there were pictures with accuser number three, and the veil was gone. Even for the “believe all women” crowd, accusations are easy to sweep under the rug. Proof is different. 

After that, it became a matter of credibility for the media. It would cost them what little remained of theirs if they pretended what was happening really wasn’t. 


With little effort, it was discovered that Cuomo’s staff altered an official report on nursing home deaths to hide the number months before a top advisor said they’d started hiding the numbers out of fear that the Trump administration would politicize them, months before they’d even asked. As reported by none other than the New York Times, they knew the deaths caused by Cuomo’s order and they wanted to hide it before anyone thought of looking. That’s the act of guilty people before a crime was alleged. 

It’s amazing what incompetence, corruption, and perversion the media found once they were open to entertaining the possibility it could exist. 

Whatever the outcome of the sexual harassment allegations, which would have had Cuomo himself calling for the resignation of anyone else subject of them a year ago, they are no longer being ignored. And the death in the wake of his incompetent order and the obstinance that kept it in place for two months after it was clear New York’s hospitals were not going to be overwhelmed and the beds were not needed, the sheen of hero has been wiped completely clean from the left’s anti-Trump. 

Put simply, he’s no longer needed and has become a liability. His excuse that his Italian heritage has him kissing everyone doesn’t hold water, as Italians are not known for subtlely propositioning employees young enough to be their granddaughters (they’re much more straightforward than that). 


Ultimately, Andrew Cuomo committed the sin of being an embarrassment to the party, to the cause. A distraction with no remaining upside. He was always crude, he was always crass. No one suddenly, in their sixth decade, decides to give using their position of power to obtain sex a try; no one respectful of women their whole life gives blunt propositioning of subordinates young enough to be the child of their child a shot. No, Andrew Cuomo is who Andrew Cuomo has always been, who the media knew he was but ignored it. He was never Andrew Jackson, he was Andrew “Dice” Clay. He may finish out his term, but his tenure finished him first. 

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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