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Progressives have always loved a good purge. Whether it was the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, North Korea, China or anywhere else, when people step out of line, through public actions or private words, they mysteriously disappear. Democrats aren’t to that point, at least not yet, but they’re well on their way and things are going to get a lot worse very quickly the further down this road they go.


The digital purge started shortly after idiots stormed the Capitol, but it was planned for a long time. The left spent the middle of the last century burning books, now they’re deleting social media accounts, but the objective is the same: eliminate thought they do not like.

The average Democrat doesn’t see it as that and can’t fathom the idea that they’re embracing fascism. All they see is a people they’ve been convinced are evil being removed from the digital world in the name of tolerance. The irony is lost on them.

So is the danger.

Banning Donald Trump and Trump supporters from the digital world is not an end step; it’s the beginning. People are being fired from their jobs not for storming the Capitol, but for attending the rally on the mall in support of the president. Hundreds of thousands went to a peaceful rally, after which a few thousand did some wildly stupid and dangerous things. It’s not enough that the people who actually did those things be held accountable (which they should be), anyone who was in the area must be destroyed too.

It’s a feeding frenzy; bloodlust built up by 4 years of being told by so-called journalists and elected officials that Donald Trump is Hitler. And when you’re going after Hitler, everything is justified.

The Hitler comparisons started on day 1 of the Trump administration when Chris Matthews called his inauguration speech “Hitlarian,” and it spun out of control from there. What was unacceptable before became the norm overnight.


Trump rallies were called violent and everyone in attendance a racist. After years of dehumanizing them, many Democrats see them as rabid dogs who need to be put down, not as people. And a lot of those Democrats work in media and have shows on MSNBC and CNN.

Those hosts already justified the execution of a Trump supporter over the summer by a BLM-ANTIFA activist, why wouldn’t they call for more blood now?

They are actually hoping for more blood now to make it easier to impose “emergency” measures.

People like Van Jones, Joe Scarborough, Gayle King, and countless other “journalists” all miraculously came up with the same talking point in the immediate aftermath – if this had been BLM-ANTIFA activists storming the building, police would have shot them dead.

Aside from the fact that a woman was shot dead by police (justifiably, in my opinion – don’t try to break in anywhere, especially a secure area where someone is pointing a gun at you during a riot), we have months worth of evidence to the contrary.

BLM-ANTIFA spent seven months last year trying to kill police officers, including federal officers, and burn buildings, including a federal courthouse. The people who were killed were not killed by police, but by other BLM-ANTIFA goons. Police officers were blinded by green lasers or permanently injured by the attacks. The media called these battles “mostly peaceful.” They even went so far as to report on a “study” claiming only seven percent of BLM-ANTIFA “protests” involved violence, a word they chose to avoid using “riot.” But seven percent of thousands of events is a lot, and the billions of dollars in damage they inflicted, not to mention the lives ruined, are real and mattered.


They didn’t matter to leftists in the media, only getting Trump did.

Well, they got him in November. But the thing about bloodlust and hatred is it doesn’t go away with victory. When the Red Sox finally beat the Yankees, Sox fans didn’t temper their generational hatred for the team that had beaten them so many times in the past. It intensified it. They wanted more, a lot more.

Beating Trump wasn’t enough, they wanted to destroy him. And they want to destroy his most ardent supporters too. If they succeed, they’ll want more then too and go after his voters. Then they’ll go after those who were indifferent or didn’t oppose him fervently enough. History has shown these leftist purges always eventually turn on those cheering them (ask Maximilien Robespierre or anyone close to Stalin during his rise to power). The question is how many others will be destroyed, “reeducated,” or simply killed in the process?

It started with banning the president from Twitter, but it won’t end there, and it won’t end with him. The last few days saw tens of thousands of accounts wiped clean from existence. People who already felt like no one was listening to them having their pathway to having a chance at being heard wiped out while BLM-ANTIFA accounts still coordinate attacks on senator’s homes through social media, while terrorist regimes like Iran and China are still free to propagandize without so much as a warning label.


If you wanted to start a civil war, I’m honestly not sure how you’d do it any differently than dividing people as worthy and unworthy.

Media-types will continue to demonize Trump supporters because that’s their business model now. Democrats will too because that’s their justification for grabbing more power. When a BLM activist murdered five police officers in Dallas, these people were quick to point out that the killer “was not a BLM member!” There is no membership card, no club to join. He attended their rallies and supported their cause. He was BLM and he murdered because of it. Yet, the left protected their own and memory-holed the whole thing as quickly as possible.

When a Democrat activist and avid MSNBC viewer tried to kill as many Republicans as possible on a baseball field because of left-wing lies about Republican health care plans killing 10,000 people per year, the media moved on from the story in days, even before Congressman Steve Scalise was off life support. Everyone murdered, beaten, or who had their lives destroyed by BLM-ANTIFA, even journalists accidentally assaulted by the mob, might as well not exist – they can serve no useful purpose for the left, so they’re non-entities.

No great social media purge occurred, only the occasional account suspended for cheering violence or doxing people, and only then after hours or days of complaints.

But if you’re a Trump supporter, or Trump-adjacent (meaning people who’ve voiced support for the administration’s accomplishments without praising the man), your online world, a world these companies encouraged and profited off, is going to get a lot smaller, if it’s allowed to exist at all.


I’m not sure who would want to hold stock in a company actively and excitedly halving their customer base. Not only that, but I’d think a skilled lawyer could make a strong case against these companies, if only by default, taking responsibility for the left-wing violence and threats they’re allowing to stand. Seems to me that this move resolves the question about whether or not they’re publishers.

Still, this purge won’t end where it’s headed now, they never do. The anger will boil over, more buildings will be stormed (maybe even media or tech company headquarters), and it’s highly likely people will at least be hurt. Who will do this is anyone’s guess – could be Trump supporters angry and acting out, or BLM-ANTIFA-types emboldened and unhappy the purges haven’t gone far enough, fast enough.

Of course, all of this could have been avoided by a few simple acts of courage. Not from individuals, necessarily, but from companies.

Huge corporations fund BLM-ANTIFA, in part, because they are afraid to stand up to their “woke” employees, and in another part because they hope to buy goodwill to prevent the mob from turning on them. It will, eventually; it always does. Drawing a line and sticking to it, and firing those unwilling to do their jobs and leave their baggage at home would have avoided all of this.

Whatever happens next, it will be a direct result of what happened last week and the fault of those who did it. Where it stops is really anyone’s guess, but it won’t be good.


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Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter

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