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I don’t know what’s going to happen when the polls close tonight, no one does. Anyone telling you differently is selling something. But I did notice a new level of desperation in fundraising emails from Democrats in the closing days. This could be because the end of the grifter busy season is coming to an end – a ton of money was raised and spent this election cycle and those raising it made a fortune taking their slice – or it could be they’re worried. Whatever the case, I wanted to draw some attention to a few of the more desperate pleas for money.

Fundraising is universally viewed as the worst part of running for office. No one likes to beg for money because people aren’t eager to give what they’ve earned away. That’s why the political fundraising industry has to try to find new ways to motivate people to give. Democrats took that to new depths this election.

From the Biden-Harris campaign came a string of emails swearing it was the last time we’d hear from them before their end of month deadline, middle of the month deadline, end of quarter deadline, filing deadline, etc., etc. I received at least three different emails signed by Kamala Harris assuring me it was the last time she’d be asking me for $25, for example. In a different one, with the subject line, “Please, Derek, a final request,” Harris asked for only $10 that time.

Of course, that “final request” email on Sunday opened with the line “this is one of the last times I’ll reach out before Election Day.” The next morning, yesterday morning, I got another signed by her asking for $25. Because words don’t matter.

That’s just one example of the absurdity of the emails from the campaign and DNC, but they were hardly the worst or dumbest.

When you find yourself on one list, you’re on every list. Campaigns sell and trade their lists to each other, making a fortune in the process. (Keep this in mind as you hear Democrats whine about Facebook monetizing people’s personal information, leftists make big tech look like pikers.)

I somehow ended up on the email list of a group called “Stop Republicans.” Their emails were particularly desperate and hilarious. Here are a few examples of just their subject lines:

“Barack Obama is BEGGING you!”

“We’re abandoning Joe Biden.”

“We’re choking back tears, Derek.”

Each email reads like it’s written by a recently dumped 16-year-old boy desperately trying to win back the girl who ditched him. “We need a WAVE of donations by midnight, or we’ll be forced to tear down our pro-Amy ads…  Amy's momentum will COLLAPSE. DO. NOT. DELAY. We owe $1,000,000 by MIDNIGHT,” one email raising money (allegedly) for the Kentucky Senate race of Amy McGrath reads.

The day before that email (just Sunday), they’d sent one with the subject line, “Amy McGrath lost” that read, “After emailing again and again, we thought support would come FLOODING in to destroy Mitch McConnell… and win a Democratic Senate. But we were WRONG.”

Earlier in that same day they’d emailed, “Mitch McConnell COLLAPSES.” It’s like they don’t read their own stuff.

How could they? Not only is it horribly written and full of major disconnects, not only from reality but from earlier parts of the same email, they also churn out so much of it. Just since October 16th I’ve gotten 152 emails from them – everything from “send Donald Trump to prison for his many crimes” to “EVIL REPUBLICAN PLOT: Brett Kavanaugh just said the Supreme Court could STOP counting votes if it helps Trump WIN!!”

Almost every email, by the way, is accompanied by some level of “matching funds” promise – donate whatever and some rich liberal is willing to match it 500 percent up to 1000 percent, depending on the day and the level of hysteria. Makes you wonder why that mythical rich guy’s largess is dependent upon anyone else ponying up; why doesn’t he just cut the check himself?

It’s because he doesn’t exist. It’s all a scam. These groups may run ads or whatever, but they’re mostly in the business of raising money from suckers. It’s a testament to how dumb some people are, and how many of those people there are, that a group like this could rake in enough money to employ such a large (mostly white) staff.

No matter who wins today, people who spent every waking minute trying to separate gullible leftists from their money have gotten rich. Under a Joe Biden administration, that will likely be the only growth industry in the country. Well, that and sacks of cash from foreign governments, but only if your last name is also Biden.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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