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That was fun. The first debate is in the books and the pearl-clutching class has, as expected, clutched their pearls. Democrats in the media were outraged by President Trump’s behavior, never-Trump “Republicans” and self-important, self-appointed “keepers of conservatism” were beside themselves over the president’s tone and interrupting. To me, and to people who don’t make their living from left-wing media corporations and billionaire donors who don’t mind tossing away millions of dollars on little-read vanity project websites, it was a good night where the president was able to shine a light on a great number of issues and stories these groups of people would rather remain in the dark. And by dark, I mean as dark as Joe Biden’s eyes.

I’ll get to the issues in a minute, but I have to note Joe Biden’s eyes. Am I the only person who noticed his eyes were dilated during the entire debate? He has normal blue eyes, and looks like a normal person most of the time. In the debate, he looked vacant, more vacant than usual. Not a lost vacant, a “not there” vacant. Check out clips and look at his eyes, they remind me of the Quint speech from Jaws about a shark’s eyes, “lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes.” That was Joe Biden’s eyes, at least to me, during the debate.

I’m not suggesting he was on mind-focusing drugs, but I am curious that one of the side effects of Adderall is dilated pupils.  

As for the content of the debate, Biden fell flat.

What does Joe Biden want to do as president? As far as I can tell, he wants to be “not Donald Trump.” He insisted he does not support the Green New Deal, which has to come as a surprise to his supporters who thought they’d had their champion to “save the planet” before the latest “we only have 10 years to save the planet” window closes. It also had to come as a surprise to whoever runs his campaign website, since it reads “Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face.”

Moreover, Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, who is an original co-sponsor of the Green New Deal in the Senate, said last year that if she were elected she would get rid of the filibuster to pass it.

But why let the facts stand in the way of a good story? Moderator Chris Wallace, who was locked in seclusion with his team in preparation for the debate, must’ve decided to just Netflix and chill rather than familiarize themselves Biden’s policies and history.

Wallace also didn’t bother discussing truthfully the president’s history of condemning white supremacists, which he has done multiple times. Instead, he repeated the Charlottesville lie, claiming he didn’t condemn neo-Nazis (which he did). When the president happily condemned it again, Wallace and Biden, as if a tag team in the WWE, talked over him, then denied he’d said it.

Meanwhile, Biden offered nothing. Seriously, what does Joe Biden want to do? Raise taxes, sure. He did admit that. He said he doesn’t support socialized medicine while proposing socialized medicine. He wants “justice,” but didn’t define what that meant. He called the president a racist, told him to shut up, and called him a clown. Remember anything else from Joe?

What amazed me most wasn’t that Wallace was horrible or that Joe didn’t offer anything remotely specific, it was just how unprepared Biden was on the issue of his loser son Hunter.

It’s been a year since questions arose about Hunter’s history of falling bass-ackwards into piles of money related to his father’s positions in government. As a senator, he sat on the board of a bank that shoveled money to his father and his father protected, with no experience in banking. He sat on the board of Amtrak, which his father kept alive with billions in federal subsidies, with having ridden trains being his only experience with railroads. He got $1.5 billion out of the Chinese communist government for a hedge fund while Joe was running point on China policy for Obama, with no experience with hedge funds, on a trip with his dad to China. It didn’t occur to Joe to ask why his son was tagging along to China on an official government trip? And then there’s the untold fortune he milked from the Ukrainian oil and gas company with no experience in oil and gas.

Hunter Biden’s life is one long convoy of Brinks trucks dumping piles of cash out on his lawn, with no negative impact on that convoy from his history of drug problems, being run out of the military for cocaine use, personal family issues, or general stench of loserdom that surrounds him like stink lines around Pig-Pen in the old Peanuts cartoons. Nope, when he walks into a meeting, people just feel mysteriously compelled to open up their bank accounts and make him richer.

Yet somehow, after all this time and all these stories, Joe Biden is still unprepared to answer any questions about any of it. Wallace didn’t ask, of course (that would be too much like journalism and might jeopardize his chance at getting an interview with Joe), but Trump did. And Biden lied about it.

Joe denied Hunter received a $3.5 million in a mysterious wire transfer from the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow for reasons no one can understand, he simply said it was “debunked.” He didn’t say by who, and wasn’t asked, naturally.

Biden could only try to get away with any of this because he knows there is no one in media he will be questioned by who will point it out or follow up with him, and his handlers won’t allow anyone who would into the same zip code with him.

Ultimately, Joe’s performance was…missing, he was just there. A physical body on the stage that didn’t answer questions or offer policies, simply parroted talking points and hurled childish insults. Biden has always been an empty suit, it makes sense that his performance would be vacant too.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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