The Mob Comes For Tucker Carlson (Again)

Posted: Aug 28, 2020 12:01 AM
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The Mob Comes For Tucker Carlson (Again)

Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew

I’ve been very lucky in my life to meet some really interesting, smart, and nice famous people. It wasn’t their fame that made them any of the other things, and a lot of the famous people I’ve met were literally none of those other things, but a few were all of them and more. One such person was Christopher Hitchens, who became a friend in the final years of his life. Another such person is Tucker Carlson. That’s why I can’t sit by silently while progressive fascists try, yet again, to destroy him.

These modern fascists are Democrats, ideological brethren of the fascists of Europe in the 30s, and Tucker’s sin is refusing to obey; refusing to bend the knee and submit to the progressive mob.

Everyone knows of the history of fascist hatred and scapegoating of minorities, but their rage was not limited to small groups. Gangs of goons demanded absolute subservience or else. There was no “agree to disagree” with the “progressive” fascists of the 20th century. Francisco Franco didn’t leave alone the Spanish who dissented, nor did Benito Mussolini in Italy, and we all know the history of Germany. It was submit or be destroyed; conform or be punished.

The current Democratic Party mob terrorizing parts of the country has the same philosophy. One thing Tucker will not do is conform.

I first met Tucker at a party at the home of Hitchens in 2008, where I had no business being. I was easily the biggest nobody there, by a lot. I’d heard of everyone else there, my date had barely heard of me. Yet Tucker talked with me for longer than he needed to, longer than I would have considering who else was in the room, and agreed to come on a podcast I’d started with a friend when he had zero reason to.

After we recorded that podcast, we started talking about things post-election. He had an idea for a website and I had some ideas on the subject too. A few weeks later, he invited me to meet for breakfast with his high school friend, Neil Patel. Seemed weird, but I went. I remember walking out thinking that it felt a lot like a job interview, then quickly moved on. A couple of weeks later, there was another breakfast, then a phone call with a job offer. I took it. I was the first person they’d hired for a website that, while still more than a year away from launching and after we brainstormed a bunch of awful names, became the Daily Caller.

I left, came back, left again, but Tucker was always welcoming, no matter the circumstance of any of it. For the last 12 years, we have remained in touch with calls, texts, and birthday wishes and Christmas cards, etc. He’s been the same person the whole time – when he sold a car to pay our salaries, to now when he’s the king of cable news. Little known fact: if you text Tucker during his show about something said on it, he’ll text you back during the commercials.

And those commercials are why I’m writing this today in the context of fascist conformity. They’re coming for him, again. They’ve hated him from the beginning because they hate Fox News, waiting for any opportunity to harass companies that advertise on his show.

Tucker’s words have been twisted, taken out of context, and bastardized beyond recognition and the angry mob hasn’t gotten so much as an apology. Now they’ve reached back into their bag of tricks and done it again.

Of Tucker's seven-minute-and-forty-four-second monologue, digital Brownshirts circulated a sixteen-second clip to claim Tucker was condoning the murder of rioters in Wisconsin. It’s the old leftist tactic to destroy those who tell an inconvenient truth – if Democrat mayors and governors order police to stand by while people are attacked and businesses destroyed, average citizens will stand up in their place.

For that, his advertisers have been targeted, with some caving immediately. The spineless Gabi, a sort of Travelocity for car insurance, and Grayscale bailed based on that sixteen-second clip.

But Tucker has something these fascists can’t defeat – millions upon millions of viewers and supporters. Fox News, unlike most garbage channels out there, is in a unique position in that it's a channel TV providers desperately want to carry because they know their customers will switch to one that does if they won’t. That means Fox can charge what are called “carriage fees” from those providers. This makes up a huge percentage of their revenue. While no one wants to lose advertising revenue, Fox isn’t dependent on it like others.

When companies are confronted by the liberal mob, CEOs with more content in the back of their underpants from last night’s dinner being scared out of them than the front from nature, cave and leave, but get replaced, often by competitors. Financially, it’s barely noticed by Fox.

This attempt to ruin Tucker will fail like the others because it’s based on lies, like the others. But it’s an important lesson to learn. The modern Democratic Party demands conformity of thought and will harass and terrorize anyone refusing to get in line. The only difference between the current progressive left and the progressive left of the last century is the current one isn’t speaking Italian, Spanish, or German -- they’re using social media.