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Leftists love the concept of “reeducating” the public, the idea that we, the great unwashed, are too simpleminded to understand both complex issues of policy and what is best for ourselves in our own lives. (See this Bernie Sanders campaign employee advocating Gulags and reeducation camps for conservatives.) They have the answers, we’re just too stupid to allow them to impose those solutions. It’s the cornerstone of the progressive political philosophy – our moral and intellectual betters need to be empowered to shape our lives so they can make the world a better place. Hitler believed this, as did Stalin, Mao, and every other left-wing dictator who helped rack up 100 million dead human beings in pursuit of this Utopian ideal in the 20th century.


You’d think 100 million dead would give some people pause, but you’d be wrong. Modern progressives deflect the reality of their philosophical forefathers with answers like, “Stalin wasn’t a real communist, they should’ve followed Trotsky!” and “Hitler was a right-winger. Answers of this sort demonstrate an elementary school-level understanding of politics and history.

First, the idea that Stalin’s Russia wasn’t “real communism” ignores human nature and history. No totalitarian regime is about equality, be it under the banner of any progressive flag – communism, socialism, fascism, etc. The “leaders” always receive special treatment. The people waited in bread lines in the Soviet Union and starve in North Korea, yet their leaders: fat. Cuba has rundown, filthy hospitals with medical care just side of a good bleeding on the innovation front for the people, and the latest, greatest care available for those in power. So good was the care for the “more equal” leaders, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez went there for his illness rather than seek it in the pit he’d created back home. Yet the average Cuban willingly jumps on a wooden door in the hope of not dying while trying to float 90 miles to Florida to escape what Michael Moore and Bernie Sanders praise.

Second, the idea that any dictator is a “right-winger” is laughable.

On the political spectrum, left wants more government, right wants less government. Taking each to the extreme, how would you end up in the same place? You can’t.

The further left you go, the more government control over every aspect of life you get. That is where all the “isms” live. Taken to the extreme, the right would lead to anarchy – the absence of government, not the totalitarian grip of fascism.


Where is the historical free society based on the concept of individual rights and responsibilities that has rounded up journalists and citizens, or executed people for daring to dissent? It doesn’t exist. Those ideals and results are the domain of the left. But people knowing that makes getting elected a hard sell, so progressives simply deny it and assign their dark past to their opponents. The Nazis were the “National Socialist German Workers Party,” after all, which doesn’t really have an individual liberty vibe to it.

But progressives don’t want to admit that Adolf Hitler shared a lot of policy goals with them, especially at a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise again amongst their fellow party members. It sounds better if the unshowered guy sitting next to you at the drum circle or convention wants to destroy Israel and engages in violence against their fellow Americans so they can use the force of government to destroy their political enemies, if they call themselves “anti-fascist” than they’re engaging in the tactics of Hitler and for many of the same goals.

Realizing this is why the left hates the right so much. After 12 years of indoctrination in the public education system, too many of us still recognize the lies and refuse to conform, and conformity is the lifeblood of the left.

Upon accepting their efforts have failed with some, they set out to demonize them; to paint us as who they are. Everyone is the hero of their own story, so the idea that they are the racist or fascists isn’t a thought they can allow to creep into the safe space between their ears. They’re good and pure, only trying to help people. But too many people don’t want their “help.” They’ll take the reality they’ve earned over the empty promise of paradise on the backs of others.


The anger from this rejection leads to “think pieces” like this hot mess from NBC News declaring Trump voters to be motivated by racism who need to be punished while southern states elect Senators from districts rather than statewide so minorities can have representation. It’s embarrassingly stupid and un-American, not to mention unconstitutional, pushing the progressive idea that only someone who shares your skin color can represent you. Ask Condi Rice or Clarence Thomas how represented by Maxine Waters they feel.

It’s racism, condescending and open, but done in the name of “anti-racism,” so it gets the approval of NBC News and a stamp of legitimacy.

I believe most Democrat voters vote that way out of habit – their parents were Democrats, their grandparents were Democrats, and so on – they believe the party is “for the little guy.” Most people don’t follow the news, they aren’t aware of the left’s fights to enact policies of social engineering and others that have failed around the world and brought suffering where they’ve been tried. Couched in rosy promises, the idea of everyone sharing equally sounds wonderful to them. The “isms” do bring equality -  everyone suffers equally…except those at the top.

The left took “1984” not as a cautionary tale, but a guidebook; an erotic how-to tale leading to Utopia. They’re executing a thought-blitzkrieg to enact their agenda, hoping the bulk of Americans won't catch on. We have until November to make sure they do.

Derek is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.


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