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Euphemism Nation

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Language is wildly important. That words have meanings, and those meanings are understood by everyone, are the key to communication. That’s why it’s becoming increasingly difficult to communicate with progressive leftists – they will not be bound by those definitions, they change them whenever it suits their needs. It’s to the point that it’s not even worth trying.


On Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi announced her call for articles of impeachment against President Trump, and what the Speaker of the House wants, the Speaker of the House gets (in the House). The only thing missing from her announcement was any charge she believes the President is guilty of, aside from being Donald Trump.

Being Donald Trump is enough for Democrats, who read the Constitution and find an absolute right to an abortion in the subtext, but don’t see religious liberty and the right to bear arms in the plain text. That, and her party’s desire to ignore the obvious restraints on government power in deference to state power and individual liberty, made Pelosi’s proclamation of fidelity to the Founding Fathers in her pursuit of Trump’s scalp both hilarious and dangerous.

It’s hilarious for the obvious reasons, it’s dangerous because there is so little push-back from anyone on her redefining of everything they created, both in regards to impeachment and this country.

Simply declaring your fidelity to the Constitution does not wipe clean your bastardizing of it. Words have meanings, and you can’t change or ignore them when they’re inconvenient to what you want. If you could, no contract would be binding.

As Democrats insist impeachment has nothing to do with the 2020 election, but taring the President with a scarlet “I” is their strategy. And if they win next year they pledge to “undo the damage Trump has done to the country.”


What damage? The record low unemployment, or the lack of new wars? They never say because they’re never asked. Maybe they’ll pass a law requiring Trump to delete his Twitter account, since that seems to be the only thing they cite when it comes to the “norms” he’s upsetting.

The reality is you don’t seek to ban things you can defeat. If the temperance movement thought they could convince people to stop drinking, there would’ve been no need to fight for the 18th Amendment. And if Democrats thought they could beat Donald Trump in the election, they wouldn’t seek to invoke impeachment to damage his prospects.

This impeachment has everything to do with election politics, just like all the other things they do.

The left never says what they mean and create new ways to talk about reality that have nothing to do with reality. Violent anti-Semitic attacks in New York, when not ignored, ignore the anti-Semitic aspect and just become “attacks.” Groups of black kids flash-mob robbing stores become “teens” committing those crimes. And Donald Trump asking the Ukrainian President for help in investigating attempted interference in the 2016 election by powerful people in his country becomes a demand for “dirt” on Joe Biden. It’s like the worst magic trick in the world, where the only things that disappear are the contents of your wallet and the time you’ll never get back watching it.

Donald Trump is a “corrupt mob boss” because he has to be. Proof isn’t required; evidence is for suckers. Three Republican-hating law professors swear a phone call they weren’t on is a “threat to democracy” not because it aids their long-standing personal desires, but because they read Democrat-selected transcripts of testimony from people who also weren’t on the call.


If you submitted this to a publisher as a work of fiction it would be rejected for lack of believability, but that a major political party is attempting to remove a president over it is just another day in the Bizarro World the left inhabits. A world where violent protests are declared “mostly peaceful,” where Antifa goons assaulting innocent people in Portland (who likely vote the same way they do) is “exercising their First Amendment rights.” Maybe the people that inhabit this world saved the $2,500 per year we were promised Obamacare would save us on our health insurance premiums?

If a President whose administration forced the sale of guns to Mexican drug cartels without tracking them; used the IRS as a weapon against its political opponents, oversaw the Veterans Administration cook the books on wait times for care that cost countless heroes their lives; did nothing as Americans were under attack for half a day in a country whose government they toppled for no good reason while ignoring the opportunity to stand with citizens protesting in the streets of the world’s largest supporter of terrorism because he didn’t want to offend them as he was negotiating the denomination of the bills on the pallets of cash he would eventually send them was “scandal-free;” words have no meaning.

And if Donald Trump must be removed from office over a phone call that ultimately saw him get nothing Democrats insist he was demanding – without even asking for it, just tossing it into a word-salad of 540 words after his “favor” ask, the stream of consciousness way he speaks – then nothing has any meaning.


Unfortunately, the way the left is treating the very words we use to communicate is how they have always treated the Constitution they claim to be acting in the name of. Enough with the euphemisms already, let’s just be honest for once.

Derek is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses.


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