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The Worst People Ever (This Week)

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Some weeks manage to cram a month’s worth of news into just 7 days. This week seemed like 2 months. And as with any month, it was full of absolute idiots, jerks, and dimwitted buffoons. Here are a few of the worst and why they deserve the title. So here they are, in no particular order.


Ilhan Omar.

The freshman Congresswoman from Minnesota sure hates herself some Jews. In addition to her pre-Congress history, she’s barely decorated her office and has already been forced to apologize for anti-Semitic comments. The apology was as sincere as any apology forced on someone by Nancy Pelosi. She walked it back, saying she was sorry for the way her words “made people feel,” not for being a bigot.

To demonstrate how she’d seen the light and rejected her bigoted past, she joked about it not long after and confirmed her past by cannonballing again into the deep end of the racism pool she regularly bathes. Apologies and denials of hatred ring hallow when they’re required to be made regularly.

Her latest round of anti-Jewish slurs earned her yet another rebuke from fellow a Democrat, this time Congressman Eliot Engel, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. After questioning the loyalty of Jews to the United States, Engel said, “Rep. Omar’s comments leveled that charge by invoking a vile anti-Semitic slur.”

Engel ask Omar to “retract” her comments in a statement Friday, which she likely will do. But there’s a pattern here; these aren’t mistakes or misstatements. And you can’t retract who you really are. Anti-Semitism lives in her, and it thrives on the political left. Aside from straight white males, Jews are an open target for the tolerant crowd. Omar need not fear any serious consequences, the party with a governor and an attorney general with a history of blackface and a lieutenant governor with two pending rape allegations against him, all of whom remain it office with no hint of resignation or really even shame, surely won’t bother with any serious action against a newly-elected Member celebrated explicitly for her skin color and religion.


Rashida Tlaib.

Another freshman Democrat with a severe case of Hitleritis on the subject of Jews is Rashida Tlaib, who represents the district in Michigan where I grew up. Slightly more skilled as masking her hatred in progressive buzzwords than Omar, Tlaib spent a good chunk of the week accusing Congressman Mark Meadows of being a racist by pointing out that President Trump isn’t one in the personal testimonial of a black woman who knows and had worked for him for years.

Lynne Patton is a black woman who progressives view as a sellout or “token,” as another freshman Democrat, Adolf Ocasio-Cortez, called her. Remember when that, in and of itself, used to be racist? AOC stopped short of calling her an “Uncle Tom,” but it’s only a matter of time and semantics, really.

Patton’s crime? Happily defending Donald Trump from charges of racism while being black. You can leave a baby who survived an abortion on an examination table to die and Democrats will call you a hero, but being a black friend of Trump will get you called a “prop” by a bigot like Tlaib.

She apologized for offending, which isn’t an apology at all. Then Tlaib went on TV and claimed she was “speaking truth to power,” because this racist is a minority herself, and leftists tell people only white people can be racist. Undoubtedly, the greatest hatemongers and monsters throughout history told themselves similar lies in order to sleep at night. Because how else could you?

Bill Kristol.

Few people have fallen further than the man who seems to exist solely by convincing wealthy people to give him money to scream his opinions into a void. Kristol has survived on his father’s name and milking every last drop from having serving as Chief of Staff to former Vice-President Dan Quayle. That’s his greatest accomplishment, aside from the wars he helped start.


When Trump won the nomination, the hamster running in the wheel generating the power in Bill’s head committed suicide and the lights dimmed. Even when issues he’d advocated for his whole adult life were accomplished, Kristol couldn’t get past the fact that the man accomplishing them didn’t need his help to get them done. Discovering he’s not only irrelevant but unnecessary was too much to handle, and he tumbled down the rabbit hole. He now roams the halls of CNN and MSNBC mumbling affirmations to himself until he gets the call to be on camera. But none of these sad truths are why he’s on this list. They were years in the making and this is a list about this week.

Bill’s vanity project folded when his patron tired of setting money on fire, but parasites always find new hosts. Now he has another pile of someone else’s money to burn, and he chose to burn a pile of it this week at CPAC. The hero of “true conservatism” (just ask him), hired a liberal writer to “cover” CPAC for his latest venture, which amounted to a continuous mocking of everything conservative on Twitter. How this helps his latest venture or the values he still, comically, professes to hold remains a mystery. Then again, the man did cut a campaign contribution to the pro-infanticide, blackface-wearing governor of Virginia, so he’s not exactly a deep thinker.

His “reporter” at CPAC found time to mock a man currently fighting cancer for his ragged appearance, so not only is “conservative” off the menu, so is decency. Kristol is lucky merit hasn’t been a factor in his life, and we’re lucky he’s no longer a factor in ours. 


These are but three examples of the many this week of awful people doing dumb and horrible things. They’ll be back next week, with their friends, being awful and doing dumb and horrible things. It’s who they are, it’s what they do. Pointing it out is what we must do, and keeping them in check is who we have to be.

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