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As the government shutdown rolls into its third week, ask yourself one question: Do you miss it? Perhaps a better question is, “Have you noticed?” Outside of the news coverage of it, or if you’re one of the more than 300,000 non-essential government employees on a delayed-pay vacation, odds are you haven’t. But Democrats are hoping you do, and are about to partner with their friends in the media to try everything they can in an attempt to make that happen. 


Expect to see a parade of worst-case-scenarios trotted out in profile packages on the nightly news and Capitol Hill press conferences. Furloughed bureaucrats and government contractors will talk about how they are weeks, if not days away from eviction, repossession, their water being shut off, or some other calamity that can only be averted by President Donald Trump agreeing to reopen the government. 

The reason for the shutdown building a border wall will not be addressed in any but the most dismissive of terms. Speaker of the House Nancfy Pelosi called the very idea of a barricade between the United States and Mexico “immoral,” and if there’s one thing someone who supports unfettered abortion up till the moment of birth knows about it’s immorality, though from the other end.

Still, that and that “walls don’t work” are the case Democrats are making against spending less than half of what the federal government spends every single day to secure our southern border. It’s a weak case, to say the least.

But they can make it confident in the knowledge that their main response to building a wall will never be challenged by anyone with a press credential – the declaration that they “support border security.” 

Without a physical barrier or some sort, what exactly do they mean by “border security”? 


They toss around ideas like “virtual wall,” drones, or more border patrol agents, but none of those stop or even slow down illegal aliens and human or drug smugglers entering the country. And once an illegal alien is in the country, thanks to liberal judges rewriting our immigration laws, they’re pretty much home free. Sure, they have to make some weak claim for asylum and pinky-swear they’ll show up for a court date a year or two, but once they’re out the door the vast majority are never seen again. Unless, of course, they’re arrested.

Thanks to Democrats, being arrested is no longer followed by a ticket home. The murder of Officer Ronil Singh is just the latest of hundreds of examples of Americans murdered by an illegal alien who, had federal immigration laws been obeyed, would not have been in the country to harm anyone. This is to say nothing of the Americans robbed or injured by people who shouldn’t have been here to commit those crimes in the first place. Now, Democrat-controlled areas of the country are budgeting tax dollars specifically to pay for the legal defense of illegal aliens charged with crimes and applying political pressure to prosecutors to prevent them from being charged in the first place so they stay off the radar of immigration officials. Americans don’t get that kind of preferential treatment, nor should they. No one should.


So what security from that is there is what Democrats claim they support? A virtual wall will let border patrol know someone has crossed into the United States, at which point it’s game over and the corrupt system kicks in. A drone will provide nice HD footage of them marching across the border, maybe even in night vision, but they’d be in and gone. And more border patrol agents would simply mean more people to collect those pinky-swears, since they can’t do anything to stop illegals from entering.

To Democrats, the only “border security” they will really support is liberal activists locking arms in a self-destructive game of red-rover where illegal aliens are greeted with a sandwich, a bottle of water, and voter registration forms. 

President Trump was right to draw this line, though he should have done it before the midterms when Republicans would have had some leverage over vulnerable Senate Democrats running for reelection in red states. Better late than never, I guess. But late is only better if he sticks to it. 

Democrats have their heels dug in up to their knees, Trump needs to do the same. He has to let the pain be felt, that’s a pressure he’ll feel too, but it’s one Democrats won’t be able to ignore for long. He also needs to step up his own game. An Oval Office address to the nation on the importance of a wall (or whatever politicians need to call it to save face) and some focused policy speeches around the country to make the case would go a long way toward some form of victory. The rest of the way could be gained by pointing out, with all the power of the bully pulpit Donald Trump alone controls, the claims Democrats support any form of border security are a bald-faced lie. Journalists sure as Hell won’t do it, and someone has to.


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