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Have you ever wondered why rage seems to be “all the rage” with liberals these days? Every time you turn around there’s another march for this or protest against that; recycled chants about how something “has got to go,” and a fawning media all too happy to report it as if it were news. It’s not news, of course, it’s a mass temper tantrum by political activists still unhappy their fellow Americans chose to reject Hillary Clinton in 2016. But there’s more to it than that, something strategic is at play.


Have you ever stubbed your toe and cursed in front of someone you otherwise would never consider using that kind of language in front of? Or gotten so mad while trying to fix something that you’ve ended up slamming it and making it worse? It’s likely you’ve done this or something similar because of one simple fact: emotion overrides logic.

When you’re angry or when you’re scared you aren’t thinking straight, you’re acting on emotion. That’s the state liberals have been keeping their base in since Donald Trump won the presidency.

To one degree or another, modern liberals have always used fear and anger to motivate their voters. After 9/11, Democrats ran on variations of “Republican policies are making us less safe.” With the terror attacks of that September morning still fresh in people’s minds, that was not designed to inspire.

To hear liberals tell it, this country is fundamentally racist and killing the planet. They, however, are the gatekeepers of fixing it all. (Never mind the fact that cities where they’ve had complete control for generations – Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, etc. – are used for backdrops for movies about post-apocalyptic futures because they require so little set construction.)

But are we those things?

The Southern Poverty Law Center, the left-wing go-to for all things “hate,” estimates there are about 6,500 members of the KKK in a country of 330 million. In 1920, when we had a population of 106 million, there were 4 million KKK members. We’ve gone from just under 4 percent of the population membership in that vile organization to what amounts to a rounding error. The WNBA, America’s least popular professional sport, averaged 7,644 in attendance in 2016. That means on any given night there are more than 1,100 more people at a WNBA game than in the Klan in the whole country. Racism, of course, still exists – in a nation of 330 million there are going to be a few bad apples – but to pretend it is rampant, the foundation of the country, is a blatant lie.


But it sure is an effective tool to keep people angry and afraid. You tell them there is this hidden hand working against them then every setback, which everyone has, can be ascribed to this hidden hand. It’s a self-reinforcing lie that, sadly, can sap some of the desire to try. Why bother if they system is rigged and actively working to keep you down?

As for climate change, liberals raise the stakes from one person’s life to the whole of humanity. Surrender your liberty or everyone is dead! That’s a hell of a choice. Only it doesn’t add up.

Aside from the “pause” in warming these leftists can’t explain and try to deny, the planet’s temperature has always fluctuated. So has their cause for panic. In the 1970s they were concerned with global cooling, in the 90s it was warming, in the 50s it was cooling too, now it’s just “change.” All the predictions were the same – mass death and destruction – and the solution was the same – higher taxes, more regulation, more government control. But something went wrong on the way to Utopia, as it always does.

In the 90s and early 2000s the predictions were that in 10 years it would “too late” to do anything, so we must “act now.” We didn’t. And 10 years later we didn’t see the coastal cities flooded or the more frequent and powerful hurricanes. If you’re the leader of a doomsday cult and predict the world will end on Sunday, come Monday morning you’re going to have some explaining to do.

Liberals, however, were not called out for their Chicken Little routine, nor were they shamed by it. They simply learned to stop making disprovable predictions and extended the timeline. They no longer make 10 year predictions, they’ve switched to 100 year predictions, like in 100 years climate change will make lightning strikes more frequent. (Yes, that’s real. It’s all real.) Their predictions now aren’t going to “come true” till long after everyone who could remember they’d made them will be dead, which makes them not only unprovable, but more importantly they’re un-disprovable. Yet, as always, we must act now! It’s the perfect racket.


But people do believe it, because people in respectable professions with impressive sounding titles tell them it’s true. People like journalists and made for TV scientists like failed stand-up comedian Bill Nye “the science guy” and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Never asked is what an actor cast 3 decades ago for a local PBS show and a guy who studies space, which is the exact opposite of climate, actually know about climate. They are good on TV, and being good on TV is enough. And they toe the liberal line, which is what it’s really all about.

There is an entire infrastructure in place to spread and perpetuate lies and exaggerations to keep people angry and afraid, to prevent them from thinking logically, to advance the liberal agenda. From Los Angeles to the New York, this outrage machine used science, journalism, and Hollywood (and pretty much everything else) to manipulate the American people into acting how they want you to act.

I’ve spent a year researching and writing about it, and the result of that work comes out Tuesday. Yes, I wrote a book, it’s called “Outrage, INC: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood.” I would very much appreciate it if you’d buy a copy, I think you’ll like it. You’ll certainly learn a lot from it, learn how this machine works, how liberals bastardize the language, weaponized science, how journalists use celebrities as cover to convey their own biases, ruin lives of anyone who won’t play along, and a lot more. And don’t worry, it’s not a boring political book where your eyes will glaze over after 2 pages and you’ll feel like you’re reading a text book. It’s written like I write, like people speak, and there’s at least a joke per page. You remember more when you laugh doing it.


Believe me, I never thought I’d be trying to sell you a book. I never thought I’d get to write one. Who the Hell am I anyway? I’m just a public school kid from Detroit. But, as it happens, the opportunity presented itself when HarperCollins asked if I had any ideas for one and I did. They were crazy enough to go for it. The last year and been both amazing and awful as my wife and I became parents for the first time (the second time is happening in October) and I lost my mother. And on Tuesday, what I worked on through it all, what helped me get through it all, what my parents prodded me to work on when I didn’t think I could bring myself to, comes out. I’d be honored if you’d pick up a copy, it makes the perfect 4th of July gift (which really should be a thing), a great after-the-fact Father’s Day present, and don’t forget Christmas in July (which also isn’t a thing). But still…Thank you.

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