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The Media Would Happily Destroy You

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There are some people who need silence to work, write, read, or study. I’ve never been one of those people; I need a distraction to focus. That likely doesn’t make sense to you, unless you’re like me in that regard. As such, when I was in high school and college I needed the TV on to get anything done. That’s when I fell in love with cable news. It was the soundtrack to my TV candle as I studied, especially in college. From there it spread to all forms of news. That’s why it bothers me so much to see what it has become. In addition to the partisan spewings of left-wingers, much of the media is now a progressive hit-squad. Both for the liberal agenda and for sport, rather than conveying information, the media is as likely to attempt to destroy a person as they are to inform anyone.

No, this isn’t about Rosanne. Such a massive wound like she suffered can only be self-inflicted. It is curious, however, how liberals turned what Rosanne did into an attack on President Trump. Blaming him for what others do is fast becoming a tradition of the media.

It is not surprising how even Valerie Jarrett spun it into an attack on Trump. While she was the target of Rosanne’s attack, she is, at her core, a political hack. She ran to MSNBC and, without irony, blames Donald Trump for racism stemming from an offensive tweet on him while sitting on stage next to Al Sharpton. Perhaps Rosanne should have denied sending the tweet, or swear she had no memory of sending it like Jarrett’s other MSNBC stage-mate Joy Reid did when her past homophobic statements came to light recently.

Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds.

But there were no innocent victims in that mess, politics rarely has any. That’s not always the case when the liberal hit-squad sets its sights on a target.

Ivanka Trump, who also now resides in the political world, was on the receiving end of an attack from CNN because she had the audacity to post a photo of herself with her 2 year old son online. Her son has done nothing to anyone, ever. That she loves him is something every parent wants to celebrate.

However, to liberals the mere existence of a human being with the last name Trump is enough to turn the rage meter up to 11.

Who, you might ask, would attack the picture of a mother with her child? CNN’s Brianna Keilar.

In a segment Monday, Keilar convened a panel of “journalists” to discuss the “backlash” to Ivanka posting that picture. And what was the “backlash”? That’s the weird thing about it – the segment cited nothing and no one, just the generic “backlash.”

The “backlash,” as it was, came from random Twitter liberals (which is why they weren’t cited) upset that Ivanka would share that picture while illegal aliens are being separated from their illegal alien parents when they’re caught crossing the border. That, however, is the law. Thanks to the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that children can’t be held in detention centers with their parents while they wait for a hearing, those families have to be separated. But liberals never let the facts stand in the way of a good smear-job.

The pointless segment was simply an attack on Ivanka Trump for the “sin” of working for her father. Smears like this, ones involving innocent children, used to off limits. But nothing is off limits now to the left. Ivanka is fair game, she entered the political arena and is an adult – but to include her son, to use her son, is a new low, even for CNN.

Elon Musk, another public figure usually on the receiving end of good press, dared criticize modern journalism for their obsession with a crash involving one of his cars, found himself suddenly the target of a barrage of attacks.

Musk soon found himself the subject of “news” stories with headlines like, “Elon Musk's Idea of 'Excellent' Journalism Comes From an Alleged Sex Cult” (Gizmodo), “Elon Musk Should Know Better” (The Atlantic), and “What It’s Like When Elon Musk’s Twitter Mob Comes After You” (The Daily Beast). I’m not going to link to any of them because they’re garbage, and that’s the problem.

Musk dared say something negative, and true, about the state of journalism and “journalists” attacked him for it. The last story was written by a “reporter” with a history of trolling Musk, who was then called “brave” for writing about being attack by his fans for doing it.

These could all be somewhat excusable in that they involve public figures, to one degree or another, but the Huffington Post thought the world needed to know about the Instagram “likes” of a contestant on a reality dating show.

A contestant on The Bachelorette, a guy named Garrett Yrigoyen (don’t worry, I’d never heard of him either till I saw the story), committed the sin of “liking” conservative humor and stories on Instagram, and that, HuffPo thought, the world needed to know. Two, count them – two – reporters wrote a story of how Yrigoyen clicked the “like” button on jokes about feminism, immigration, Caitlyn Jenner…the horror.

The jokes were amusing, at least to everyone on the planet who isn’t a liberal so uptight they could turn coal into a diamond by putting where their heads usually are. But that’s not good enough – Yrigoyen isn’t a down-the-line liberal, therefore he must be destroyed.

It’s a sickness, liberalism is a sickness. Remember Justine Sacco? The PR executive no one had ever heard of who made a bad joke on Twitter before a flight to South Africa who, by the time she landed, had her life ruined for it with stories in every major news outlet? Or Lindsey Stone? The media destroyed her life after a picture of her on Facebook pretending to yell at a sign asking for quiet at Arlington National Cemetery we deemed newsworthy by the angry liberal mob hungry for a scalp (stories I detail in my upcoming book, preorder a copy here *hint, hint*).

These are but a few examples of what the liberal mob will do to anyone who doesn’t exist in a way they approve of. There’s no need to be a public figure, if you step out of line they will come after you.

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