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Worth Being Thankful For

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It’s Thanksgiving Day, so I hope you’re reading this in a tryptophan coma. With that in mind, I’ll keep this short(er than usual).

Personally, I have a lot to be thankful for this year, but I’m not going to bore you with those details because A) the stories would be meaningless to you without a lot of explanation, which goes against the idea behind the first paragraph, and B) some are still resolving themselves and I don’t want to jinx anything.

But collectively there should be much rejoicing for many reasons, none greater than what President Donald Trump promised to do on one very important point: some water is disappearing from the swamp.

This draining, which admittedly more resembles a hole in the lining of an above ground pool than a hemorrhage, is still more water removed from the swamp than over the last decade, so it’s a huge step in the right direction. For that draining, I am very thankful.

Ever since the story of what Democratic Party mega-donor and Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is really like when the cameras aren’t rolling on the red carpet or in the Hamptons hanging with the Clintons and other of the world’s richest people, more and more people in the world of Hollywood and politics have been exposed as the perverted frauds they are.

The fastest way to drain the swamp is to simply expose it – sunlight does aid in evaporation, after all.

None of the draining that has happened is a result of any action taken by the president, but it matters less why it gets done than it does that the deed get done.

The list of people “done” under the latest round of dominos falling is extensive and impressive. Kevin Spacey, Jeffrey Tambor, Brett Ratner, Russell Simmons, Al Franken, Glenn Thrush, Mark Halperin, Charlie Rose, John Conyers, just to name a few. All of these people had, until the Weinstein story broke, been untouchable. They are all touched now, and permanently.

The list of friends, associates, and staffers who knew what these men were actually like in real life and kept their mouths shut makes War and Peace look like a leaflet. And the clock is ticking on each and every one of them.

While exposing a group of wealthy and powerful men for being sexual deviants might not have been the type of draining some had in mind, no one would’ve thought Al Capone would’ve been sent to prison for tax evasion either. It matters less how corruption is exposed, as long as it’s exposed.

Franken’s anger and smug self-righteousness, Thrush’s arrogance, Rose’s pretention, and all the Hollywood entitlement have been laid bare; the curtain has not just been pulled back, it’s been pulled down.

That it took so long to out perverts like John Conyers (after years of the media hinting at and joking about it) and Rose is a testament to just how much the powerful and connected have been able to get away with. That they’re being outed now is a testament to the fact that justice can eventually come if the truth leads the way.

Be thankful for that.

Rose is gone, Franken and Conyers, for the moment, remain (who knows if this will change before this column runs, but it should).

Things have changed for the better. A few years ago, if these Democrats, both in Congress and the media, had been outed the wagons would have been circled and these monsters would’ve been protected. Not anymore.

While it’s not really coming from a place of honesty – liberals started this “We must believe every allegation” in an effort to get Republicans while thinking their perverts were protected – the results are positive and worth being thankful for.

Where and when the next shoe will drop is anyone’s guess, but you get the sense there is a Footlocker full of shoes out there, teetering. For probably the first time since the men who do these sorts of things started doing these sorts of things, they are the ones living in fear. The rush they get from exerting power over their subordinates or the unsuspecting has been replaced by the terror of thinking they could be next. That is an excellent thing.

So this Thanksgiving, as you digest and relax, relax a little deeper knowing that, while there’s still plenty of swamp left, at least a little bit of it is drier now. Then prepare for the possible evaporating heatwave yet to come…

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