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A Miserable Week For The Left

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What a miserable week it’s been for Democrats. Not that they’ve had many good weeks of late, nor have Republicans for that matter. But for the political left it’s been deliciously bad…and a whole hell of a lot of fun to watch.

The week was capped off by dueling hypocrisies from the radical progressive of the party. After days of breathless condemnation of a joke tweet from President Trump about CNN, the pearl-clutching claims that a few seconds of video will lead to violence against their employees gave way to insistence that words don’t matter.

Anti-American progressive hero Linda Sarsour declared her desire for “jihad” against Donald Trump. Conservatives, mistakenly acting as if the same rules liberals impose on others apply to them, rightly pounced. But the rules don’t apply to the left, and they won’t stand idly by as they are held to their own standards.

Curiously, multiple defenses quickly popped up across the media for a woman who had helped organize the Women’s March, opened only to liberal women then claimed to speak for all women. (Misogyny much?)

The responses evolved quickly, with hive-minded precision, from “her words were taken out of context” to “jihad doesn’t mean jihad,” to being dismissed as what one prominent liberal pundit might call a “nothingburger.”

Under normal circumstances they would be correct. But these aren’t normal circumstances.

We live in a world where leftists police speech with Nazi-efficiency. Say anything their twisted liberal minds can distill as racist, classist, homophobic, etc., and no holds are barred. Say the word “crusade” on a college campus – those who don’t flee to the safety of their coloring books and Play-Doh will call the police to report a hate-crime.

The context doesn’t matter, nor does the fact the Crusades were a response to Muslim barbarism. The word is verboten by leftists as anti-Muslim hate-speech. Yet, jihad can mean anything, and thinking it may mean one particular thing, especially when uttered by someone with a radical anti-American ideology, is the highest form of bigotry.

Meanwhile, President Trump delivered a passionate speech defending western civilization and its accomplishments, which have benefited all mankind, and progressives proclaimed it problematic.

He pointed out the civilized world wrote symphonies; the Washington Post declared it a racist dog whistle. Since the Muslim world created “the lute, musical scales and the ancestor of the violin” hundreds of years ago, it is unjust to acknowledge Beethoven and Mozart existed. One can only imagine the rage-spiral that author would go into if we focused only on advances from the last millennia.

No liberal insanity happens on its own, and The Atlantic wasn’t going to allow the Post to cannonball into the deep end of the stupid pool alone. It countered with a piece that’s worth mentioning only to point out the unhinged nature of the title, “The Racial and Religious Paranoia of Trump’s Warsaw Speech.”

Just to clarify: “jihad” is a misunderstood term of peace and “the West” is a racist term just this side of genocide? Interesting.

Apparently hearing dog-whistles all day rots the brain and causes the afflicted to believe references to “the West” and “our civilization” as meaning only white people. Another known side-effect is hearing “welfare” or “poor” and thinking “black people,” even though more white people are poor and on welfare than anyone else. Hopefully someday there will be a treatment for the affliction.

It’s enough to make one wonder if these people realize there are flights leaving this wasteland of hate and oppression on a daily basis. I know if I lived somewhere I so thoroughly despised I’d bolt in a heartbeat.

But they don’t really hate this country. They don’t love it either. They use it and their propaganda to pad their cushy lives by leeching off the uninformed and the victims of the actions they get passed into law. There’s a lot of attention and money in absolving people of responsibility for their own lives.

Speaking of propaganda, no one had a worse week than CNN.

After the president tweeted a video of him body slamming the CNN logo, the once-great (OK, passable) news network expended more journalistic energy hunting down the maker of that clip than it did investigating anything to do with the Obama administration for the last eight years.

Once CNN found him, it didn’t identify him. The network claims it was because it just wanted to make sure he wasn’t in touch with anyone at the White House, and once this was confirmed, it decided not to ruin his life.

Seems he’d posted other things CNN deemed racist and anti-Semitic. Maybe he did; maybe he didn’t – they’ve all been deleted. But CNN appointed itself the arbiter of the suitability of those things and reserved the right to expose him should he ever dare to post anything it deems offensive in the future.

It’s not blackmail, the network says, just a clarification it made no deal with him to keep his name private. And it’s true that is not blackmail … it’s closer to extortion.

But the real problem is CNN thinking it needed to track him down in the first place.

Who cares who made the video? It had been on the Internet for some time and shared a lot. After having to retract a story last week and unburden itself of three employees involved, CNN should’ve turned its jaundiced eye toward its own newsroom, not some anonymous dude with too much time on his hands. Journalists are supposed to have standards and ethics; they’re not supposed to harass some guy for mocking them. There aren’t Pulitzers for making .gifs.

It’d be nice if the people throwing their shoulders out patting themselves on the back for how important their work is took that work seriously enough to do it properly.

Instead we get a team of reporters tracking down Reddit posters and fresh-out-of-college “journalists” complaining about decades old dress codes in the House of Representatives like they just discovered the Pentagon Papers.

It’s a pathetic group of people running around with media credentials these days. The delicate snowflakes are graduating and getting jobs alongside those who pioneered their defective self-importance. This week they all repeatedly soiled their sheets…and it was hilarious.

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