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Life Is About Priorities

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Life is about priorities. We have only a finite amount of time on this planet, so how we choose to spend that time says a lot about us as individuals. As does how we choose to allocate our resources, because unless your last name is Zuckerberg or Gates, your resources are limited.


When it comes to government, you’d think both were limitless, so the order things are addressed is the best way to tell what matters most to those in power.

The new city council in Baltimore was sworn in on Thursday, and its first order of business was not to address the city’s spiking murder rate or the oppressive poverty more than a half-century of progressive rule has wrought. No, the first act of the new government of “Charm City” was to unanimously pass a resolution condemning President-Elect Donald Trump.

In his first act as a member of the City Council, Ryan Dorsey presented a resolution that made clear he possesses the intelligence of an old shoe.

It reads, in part, “The Council opposes and condemns President-Elect Donald Trump’s use, approval, and/or encouragement of rhetoric and threats targeting New Americans, Muslim Americans, Jewish Americans, women, persons of color, LGBTQ Americans, Americans with disabilities, and other groups targeted by President-Elect Trump or those who will be unfairly targeted and scapegoated in the future.”

For those of you who do not speak fluent Idiot, the term “New Americans” was coined by former mayor of Baltimore, governor of Maryland and also-ran Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley to replace “illegal aliens.” Yes, you read that right, they are “new Americans.” Now you can see why he was never more than a rounding error in polls.


Dorsey sits on a council overseeing a renaissance for murder, with last year’s total rivaling the all-time record, which was set when the city had 300,000 more residents. Again, life is about priorities. And it seems Ryan Dorsey’s are not the bodies that have piled up on Baltimore’s streets the last two years, but to be the hit at cocktail parties where the city’s self-appointed progressive intelligentsia gather in homes worth more than some entire neighborhoods in Baltimore.

Dorsey doubtless sleeps easily, and smugly, with a shoulder sore from patting himself on his back for “sticking it to Trump.”

The resolution also states “The Council will actively work to protect historically disenfranchised, marginalized, and oppressed persons.” That’s worked out gangbusters for the city’s non-connected residents for the past couple of generations, hasn’t it?

Like a junkie who was just gonna take “one hit” and ends up finishing the stash in one sitting, Dorsey had to check every box in the progressive hate list in his first action. Being a member of the city council in one of the country’s most violent cities meant he had to “stand up” to those charged with cleaning up the mess liberal policies created – police.

Dorsey’s kitchen sink resolution continues: “The Council is committed to police reform in Baltimore City that achieves true community policing, makes use of non-lethal force the norm, rebukes the combative and adversarial relationship that remains from the days of zero-tolerance policing, and that provides community oversight for the police department.”


Nice, right? Especially in a time when police officers are being murdered by progressive activists over lies spread by philosophical kindred spirits of Dorsey. “Hands up, don’t shoot,” anyone?

The funny part of the council’s action, if there is one, is the city is dependent on state and federal money. The Ryan Dorseys who came before this one did such a bang-up job that the city is wholly unable to pay its own bills. Dorsey won’t call for an end to the money that “mean ol’ President Trump” will send to Baltimore, nor will any of his fellow travelers on the city council.

Luckily, the rejection of those funds may not be an issue soon. Trump has promised to cut off funding to cities found to be “embracing New Americans.” If he needed a reason to move Baltimore to the front of the line on this, Councilman IQ Lower Than His Belt Size just provided it. You can walk into the party thinking you’re the belle of the ball, but if no one wants to dance with you, you’re probably just a loser. Dorsey may soon learn that actions, like elections, have consequences.

When your first act as a legislator is a meaningless gesture designed to get your name in the newspapers and make you the hit of your life-bubble cocktail circuit, be prepared for some blowback.

Dorsey is just the latest in a string of mindless drones filling seats vacated by identical-minded politicians who think the reason the ideas they so love fail every time they’re tried is because not enough money was spent or government pressure applied.


They’re everywhere in this country and around the world. They’re probably in your town. And they’re all convinced they are the ones to somehow break the cycle of insanity and makes ideas work that have never worked. All they have to do is “progressive harder!”

They’re going to push that rock up the hill no matter how many bodies it has to roll over. They’ll be the ones to get it there, everything and everyone else be damned. Life is about priorities, and to progressives like Councilman Ryan Dorsey, and all the Ryan Dorseys out there, those priorities don’t involve you.

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