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Feminists should be celebrating the election of Donald Trump. What Trump did this election cycle should be every feminist’s dream – he ran against a female candidate and treated her like he would have treated any man he’d run against. After all, that is the goal, right?


He displayed breathtaking courage in refusing to tiptoe around Hillary Clinton’s shortcoming and failures. He did not fear calling her out for them simply because she uses a toilet sitting down. No, he treated her as an equal and called her out on every single scandal and so much more.

Trump’s bravery should ring throughout the political left as a model to be taught in textbooks. Who else could have gone against her and not felt compelled to pull a few punches against a potentially historic candidate?

Feminists should rank Donald Trump up there with Gloria Steinem and Betty Freidan as a hero to the cause. Moving forward, they should demand other male candidates running against women call them out when they lie; insist their corruption be called such.

Ultimately, feminists should require candidates to reject the idea of supporting policies based on genitalia. If the goal is to be treated as a full equal, then no one personified that goal quite like Donald Trump.

Surely op-eds and books will be forthcoming on this important topic, but I felt compelled to offer my congratulations to both first.

Donald Trump, you are a feminists’ feminist.

And feminists, cheers to you for achieving the goal you were denied in 2008 with the media’s treatment of Sarah Palin. The 2016 election has vindicated your strategy of selective silence when conservative women were unjustly smeared or Bill Clinton’s women saw their lives destroyed. I personally apologize for questioning your sincerity on those matters, having witnessed your ultimate triumph here. Again, kudos.


Donald Trump not only has proven himself to be the ultimate feminist, he could be the greatest champion of free speech since Thomas Jefferson.

As mutants take to the streets chanting “Not My President,” which was deemed to be racist until just Tuesday, it’s important to thank Donald Trump for that too. He has removed the stigma attached to disagreeing with the policies of a president that has gripped this nation for eight years.

Dissent was fashionable, even required, less than a decade ago. Then something happened, something mysterious. It was as if we went to bed one day with progressives chanting that dissent was the highest form of patriotism, then woke up the next with the same people calling us racists and telling us to shut up for simply following their lead.

Now, cries of “NAZI!” and charges of racism will get you bookings on CNN or a show on MSNBC. Free speech is once again cheered, and we have Donald Trump to thank for it.

I have to admit, I didn’t see this one coming. The progressive language police had me convinced some things were across the line and shouldn’t be said.

Now, thanks to the election of Donald Trump, the same people screaming “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobe,” Islamophobe,” and much more at those who dared dissent now enjoy the protective cocoon of progressives willing to stand up, in public, and be everything conservatives were falsely accused of being these last eight years.


Thank you, brave progressives, for demanding the removal of speech code shackles.

I apologize for thinking you were hypocrites when you tried to silence principled policy disagreements with threats and slander toward conservatives. Your courage to take to the streets since Tuesday and engage in the very activities we were accused of has opened my eyes to the fact you were only waiting for the right moment to pounce.

It is refreshing to live, once again, in a nation where disagreement with the party in power is not only tolerated but celebrated by the media. Again, a debt of gratitude is owed to your for your courage and strategy.

Of course, this is all a joke. Progressive are the very hypocrites they’ve always been. They celebrate only the rights they like when they suit their needs and will do anything to deny those rights to anyone who disagrees with them. Feminists did want people to vote for Hillary Clinton because of which bathroom she used. She did too – it was part of her stump speech.

The next few months, to say nothing of the next few years, are going to be filled with outrage ginned up by a well-funded machine, oiled by professional protesters, designed to destroy the Constitution and anyone who holds it in high esteem. Watch for it, call it out, mock it mercilessly. Don’t try to silence them; amplify them. Republicans won the White House and Congress not in spite of them, but in no small measure because of them.


It’s important to remind people not only of what they voted for, but what they voted against too.

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