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We’re Out Of Problems

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It’s 2016, right? I hope so because that’s the year I put on my check when I paid my taxes.

That’s means we’re at around 6,000 years or so of recorded human history, right? Add to that that thousands of years unrecorded before that, and you realize people have been around here for a while. Yet, in the year 2016, we find ourselves in a heated debate over what is or isn’t a man or a woman.


We are out of problems.

Seriously, human beings have our issues, but we are out of substantial problems. Especially in the civilized world, particularly the United States.

Since we are out of problems – we have food, shelter, medicine, etc. – we’ve decided not to celebrate but rather to create problems out of thin air.

Making up problems is a luxury afforded us only by our success. The poor in the United States are some of the richest people to ever live. To distract from this fact, brought to us by capitalism, our progressive friends focus on the differences between what some possess compared to others.

The implication of the left’s obsession with “income inequality” is someone has less because someone else got more. Unless you’ve been physically robbed, this is a childish claim. That so many believe it and fixate on it is a testament to just how good we have it.

Mark Zuckerberg is not worth $35 billion because you aren’t, or because anyone else isn’t. He didn’t take $35 from a billion people. His wealth was created, not taken. Earned – a concept we used to understand and celebrate, but now go out of our way to scorn.

Many of our nation’s poor are fat, lazy and satisfied. They have flat screen TVs and cable, microwaves and Internet, and all the food they need. Even our homeless have cellphones. Because we don’t have to wake every day to forage for food and hope some simple scrape won’t lead to an infection that kills us, we’re afforded the luxury of feeling cheated by someone having more.

Rather than have that difference serve as motivation or aspiration, it’s a wedge – a manufactured problem allowing people to obtain society’s most coveted status: victim.


Success has been shunned; victim is the new hero. It’s a sham and a game, and even the most powerful among us play along.

In Hillary Clinton’s campaign speeches she spouts off on how “we are going to keep our families safe and our country strong, and we’re going to defend our rights—civil rights, voting rights, workers’ rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, and rights for people with disabilities.”

I don’t know to which country she is referring, but it sounds awful.

In portraying the United States as a cesspool of villains striving to infringe on the rights of every chosen progressive segregated class, she paints all Americans as victims or potential victims who need her as their protector. It’s much easier to foist responsibility for your failings and bad choices onto the nebulous “others” working against you than it is to be accountable for your current situation.

Why work when you can’t get ahead? Why try when the system is rigged? There’s a promised government program to help.

College students know this feeling well. It’s the additional education they get – the undeclared minor – from going $150,000 in debt.

Students have their minds marinated in the concept the country is unjust and out to keep them oppressed. They’re trained to spot the “forces of intolerance” around every corner.

They step outside and become “social justice warriors” ready to stamp out bigotry. They look for it. They hunt it. And when they don’t find it they manufacture it. They’ve been told discrimination and hatred are everywhere but hidden in the very fabric of society. That they can’t find it is not a testament to the lies they’ve been told but to the pernicious nature of the threat. So they write a slur on a cake; a swastika on a wall…


Sure, the incident they created wasn’t real, but it can be used to expose what they know is there. The “greater good” will be served.

You can “occupy Wall Street,” without pause, when you don’t have real problems and struggles occupying your time.

Even billionaires play the game.

The wife of the richest man in the world can proclaim “poverty is sexist” against women; a billionaire candidate for president can declare himself a victim of clearly stated, long-standing rules and be cheered by media supporters who know better and devotees who don’t – and all these lies will be accepted. The system, after all, is so deeply corrupted, so fundamentally flawed, we’re all victims of it.

Just imagine how bad things would be if we had real problems…


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