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Letters That Need Never Be Sent

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There was a lot of stupid in the presidential race this week. I’ve written about it all here. But I’ve been thinking about something for awhile. I’ve gotten sidetracked by the media every time I set out to write about it, but no more. Today, we explore the question: What will they think about us 50 years from now? What will they think of how we’ve tried to govern the country? What will they think of the arguments we’re having now?

Perhaps a few letters will help.

From the Future

Dear Past,

Was it worth it? Was the party worth it? I assume there was a party – and a huge one at that – because I’m looking at the bill and … Damn! What were you thinking?

I’ve done some research, and you guys were running up the credit card like it was an Olympic event and you were going for the gold. And when that wasn’t enough you simply printed money. I guess that’s easy to do when you’re not stuck with the bill. But we are stuck with the bill, and I want some answers.

Here we are in 2062, and I can tell you all that paper you printed makes for great insulation…and that’s about it. A trillion dollars is a huge amount of money now. You guys treated it like it was nothing. Did you think it wouldn’t come back to haunt the country?

I know it’s tempting to live in “the now.” But “the now” is only “the now” until the next moment takes over. Then, it’s “the past.” “The future” … that’s nothing but the results of the past. You’re long gone and “the now” we live in is screwed.

Unemployment is through the roof. Food prices are insane. The only gas anyone can afford comes a few hours after eating beans. The American West is covered in the solar panels and windmills you tried to tell us were the “way of the future” for electricity. As someone living in that future, I can tell you I’m using some of my two- hours-per-day electricity ration to write this letter. And I’m not happy about it.

You do realize “wishing something will work eventually” isn’t an energy policy, right? News stories from your time say you called it an “investment.” Maybe that word meant something different back then, but now it means putting money into something hoping to get a return on that money. Government dumping money into something unproven, thereby undercutting any private investment by non-politically connected people, is not an investment. In fact, it discourages real investment.

Once China bought all of Canada’s oil after you refused to build a simple pipeline across a route then traversed by more than 1,300 working pipelines, the dominoes began to fall. The Chinese cornered the market on oil from Iranistan. The United States regulated coal out of existence. And before long, Americans were relegated to rubbing balloons against their heads if they wanted electricity.

And health care. Holy Frank, what were you thinking? You took the people who talked about cutting “waste, fraud and abuse” from government for years but never lifted a finger to do it, and you put them in charge of health care? Had none of you ever been to the DMV? The waitlist to see a doctor is so bad people are crossing over to Canada for treatment, and Canadians are heading to the UK. Did you not have even a hint this might occur?

Didn’t you realize the price controls you forced on the market would mean no innovation, no new drugs, services or treatments? Did you not understand that if the billions needed for research couldn’t be recouped in the market, somebody – really, a lot of somebodys – were going to suffer? You can remember when Americans produced more medical and therapeutic breakthroughs than the rest of the world combined. We can’t. Thanks for that.

And taxes, don’t even get me started. I’m taking a risk even writing about it. The 28th Amendment, the “Patriotic Duty” Amendment, forbids complaining about how much money the government allows us to keep. But someone has to.

Things really went down hill after Congress passed the “Shared Sacrifice Act,” which mandated all paychecks go to the government first to pay down the national debt, with only a few leftovers redistributed to workers.

Again, it all comes back to the debt. Your debt. Our debt now. Thanks a lot. Did you really think it would never come due or did you just not give a damn? We know you knew it. We know, even then, you realized you were borrowing 42 cents of every dollar you spent and that Medicare and Social Security were going bankrupt. We know a few of you took this seriously and tried to stop it. But not many of you. Not enough, certainly. Was basic math a rare skill back then?

I could go on and on but the rolling blackout will be here soon. I’ll just leave you with this: Why didn’t you try to stop it? I mean really try. I can understand electing President Obama the first time, what with the media cheerleading for him and all the flowery promises he made. But the second? Didn’t you notice nothing he did worked? That it, in fact, made things worse? I mean, the guy basically ran on “I know what I’ve done has failed, but that’s just because you haven’t given it enough time.” Einstein called doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result insane. Were you all insane?

How many billions did he have to give to his friends? How many trillions did he have to rack up in debt? How many people did he have to blame? How high did unemployment have to be? How many border guards and ambassadors had to die because he wasn’t engaged? How many rounds of golf did he have to play?

My daily electricity is up and I’ve got to go to an underground history meeting. Tonight, we’re going to learn about a place called “Israel,” apparently a staunch American ally back in the time before Iranistan. Do you remember it?

I’ll leave you with this: Everyone here is suffering. The nation is falling apart. You could have stopped it but didn’t. Why did you do that to us? Was it worth it?

How could you let this happen?



The Democrat Voter’s Response

Dear 2062,

So everyone waits to see the doctor? Everyone is suffering? Equally? The future sounds like Utopia! You are so welcome.

Hope and Change be with you!

The Republican Voter’s Response

Dear 2062,

Hey, I plan on voting for Romney, so I don’t know what else you expect from me? Am I supposed to talk to people, tell them how important it is we correct course now? Am I supposed to volunteer for the campaign or something? Make phone calls from home? Other people have that stuff covered. I’m voting the right way. That’s enough.

Good luck

Reply Back From The Future

I get it now. Thanks for nothing.


I only wish this was as absurd as it sounds. But it’s not far off at all. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

I am in no way associated with the Romney campaign, nor do I receive any money from it, nor am I associated with any campaign, or activist or super PAC group.

I offer my opinion, and I encouraging you to engage, to talk to any and everyone you know in your state, and/or swing states, and to impress upon them the reality we’re facing, the one they don’t get from the mainstream media. The clock is ticking, and the media will focus on anything but what’s truly important right now. They have the megaphone on TV every night, and they follow up with the newspaper on your doorstep every morning. We have us. You and me. Talking to each other and to those who can be persuaded.

Sitting on the sidelines gives you a great view, but if you’re going to affect the outcome, you’re going to have to get in the game.

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