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Francisco Kjolseth/The Salt Lake Tribune, via AP

Somewhere in the late- 1960’s a totally false, entirely made-up narrative began to crop up in the United States. This narrative is now almost totally and universally thought of as factual on college campuses and amongst socialist/Marxist movements in the United States. The narrative was that the United States had no business fighting the war in Vietnam, and the American soldiers fighting it were an instrument of U.S. imperialism. American troopers coming back from the killing fields of Saigon and the Ho Chi Minh were spit upon and called ‘’Baby Killers’’ Gi’s returning home were made to feel ashamed of their service, and American communist movements within the United States seized upon that shame and capitalized on it.


  Let’s be clear here, American soldiers are a beacon of hope for all oppressed groups worldwide. We have a duty as the most powerful nation that the world has ever known. Look no further than the pictures that came out of Kabul last month. Afghan women were throwing their babies over barbed wire fences into the arms of American service men and women. That was their only hope. I laced up those boots my entire adult life. Trust me I know. After the American communists and their propaganda shamed U.S. forces out of Vietnam, Communist leaders immediately came in to Vietnam and slaughtered 2.5 million Indo-Chinese peasants, whose only hope of survival was United States presence in the region. 

The left never mentions that however. In fact, most of what happened in the region after American forces pulled out is mostly lost to history. What came after is also not so well-known. The all -out assault on the American veteran not because of what they are, but because of what they represent. I often talk to Vietnam-era vets because of my intense interest in the time period. The stories are quite galling. They were made to feel ashamed of their service. Some mentally and physically wounded Vietnam veterans I have gotten to know did not seek medical care in the aftermath of their service due to shame. Most of you reading this know the statistic that 22 veterans a day commit suicide. Most of you probably don’t know that the overwhelming majority of those 22 a day are actually Vietnam- era veterans. 


I can trace the lineage back to the late 1960’s, but what about present day? Brown University, the prestigious Ivy-League college in Rhode Island, has an ROTC corps on campus, but they are not allowed actually on campus. You read that right. For whatever reason the future officers of America that come from Brown are not allowed to actually be on campus. How about the town of Medford, Massachusetts? The Socialist mayor of the large town north of Boston, Breanna Luengo-Koehn is putting forth legislation to stop war veterans ‘’5-point preference’’ for civil jobs like Police departments and fire departments. Luengo-Koehn is giving the 5-point preference to people of color citing ‘’The preference for veterans is not compatible with our social justice agenda’’ When the veterans service officer for the town spoke up, he was removed from City Hall by police escort and is now on leave pending an ordered ‘’Psychological evaluation’’ 

Oh yes, the crazy veteran narrative. In 2009 and 2021, United States veterans were classified as a threat to national security by the Department of Homeland Security. A leaked document from DHS in 2009 outlined veterans as ‘’Susceptible to recruitment from right-wing extremist groups’’ It caused so much outrage that DHS Security Janet Napolitano had to apologize to veteran groups in a press conference from the White house. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have gone to great pains to point out that 30 of the members of the January 6 trespassing event were veterans and government needs to do more to ‘’Root out extremists in the ranks’’ 


So where is this all going? Let me make one thing clear. The communists that are in total control of every aspect of government, intensely dislike men in women in uniform. First off, we are not their constituents. Democrats have not won the military vote since the 1960 election of John F. Kennedy. Even Rep. Steve Cohen openly questioned the loyalty of National Guard troops before Joe Bidens inauguration calling them ‘’Overwhelming white’’ and ‘’Trump voters’’ ‘’One of them might try and do something’’ Cohen said the quiet part out loud. These people do not vote for us, so why bother trying to placate them. 

This is what leaders really think of their men and women in uniform. The final nail in the coffin is forthcoming. Whether it is a complete overhaul of the benefits veterans receive when coming off active-duty, or a complete disbanding and remaking of the armed forces. All of it is plausible to me, none of it is too crazy. The left fights dirty, they are the guy in the bar that will bite your nose off to win. This current climate will give the left opportunity to do the one thing they have been trying to do for decades: Demonize and ultimately crush the military and make veterans totally submit. It’s nothing personal. They are just so damn offended by what they wear on their right shoulder. 


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