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Reclaiming Popular Sovereignty

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It's true that Barack Obama's approval ratings began at the North Pole and are already hovering around the equator. But given what he's said and done, it is quite remarkable, frankly, that they aren't firmly planted at the South Pole.

The deceptions and contradictions are astounding. His premises for policy change are consistently duplicitous. He's embarked on a course to deliberately bankrupt the nation; he is at war with mainstream American values; he is undermining our national security during wartime (prosecuting our protectors -- and otherwise); and he's pursuing unprecedented government control of the private sector.

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Just look at his handling of Obamacare. His stated goals aren't arguably fraudulent, but verifiably so. He says he's motivated to cut costs, but the Congressional Budget Office, even using static economic analysis, says Obamacare would increase costs by $1 trillion. This is without factoring in the inevitable inflation that would occur from further dissociating health care demand from market prices.

Obama also continues to use the counterfeit figure of 47 million uninsured when he knows that only a fraction of those are American citizens who both can't afford insurance and are not eligible for government assistance.

Some experts have estimated this number to be less than 10 million, and yet Obama wants to wholly revamp the system to make sure they are covered. Note I said "covered," not "given access to health care." But the CBO has projected that millions would remain uninsured after Obamacare, and history shows that access to care would shrink drastically under the socialized system Obama envisions.

I use the term "envisions" advisedly, despite Obama's preposterous denial that he's aiming for complete socialization of the system. I could just as accurately have said "is hellbent on." As has been revealed ad nauseam by every outlet except the mainstream media, Obama has long been on record -- in context -- revealing his intentions.

Indeed, before the public rose up in spontaneous revulsion to Obama's socialized medicine scheme, he and his cohorts were bragging about their plans. During the Democratic presidential debates, Obama and Hillary Clinton were falling all over themselves trying to out-socialize each other on the issue.

So why must we waste time arguing with these Alinskyite propagandists about their intentions? Here they are, poised to leverage Sen. Ted Kennedy's death to enact Obamacare, and everyone knows that Kennedy's life ambition was to socialize our health care system. It's amazing conservatives have as much patience as we do, having constantly to argue with liberals about who they really are and what they stand for.

Daily they pretend not to advocate the very provisions their legislation includes, as in Obama demanding Congress immediately pass legislation the CBO says would cost $1 trillion while simultaneously insisting he won't sign legislation that isn't budget-neutral. If I weren't witnessing this with my own eyes and ears, I wouldn't believe it.

But as much as we've been harping on the Democrats' health care outrages, we want to make sure we don't lose sight of Obama's planned bankrupting of America apart from Obamacare. I say "planned" in light of the administration's recent revelation that it understated its already astronomical budget deficits by $2 trillion. Though we haven't spent this money ($9 trillion-plus) yet, Obama acts as if he is predestined to do so and powerless to stop himself.

Think about Obama's reasoning that we have to spend all this money to stimulate the economy. He expects us to believe that we have to bankrupt the nation to avoid bankrupting ourselves. He isn't just fiddling as he watches Rome burn; he's lit the match and is buying more combustibles. And we're not supposed to be alarmed?

Instead of our phony fretting over milk that hasn't yet spilt, why don't we just put a halt to this reckless spending now instead of acting like compulsive shoppers who end up so destitute they can't even afford shrinks? It's past time to say, "Hold on. We can't spend this money. We don't have it."

Truly this is mind-blowing. It's as if we are all sitting around premeditating a crime against our Founding Fathers, all our patriotic ancestors who sacrificed and died to preserve our liberties, and all present and future generations and acting as though we are mere passive observers. But we sure can pride ourselves in being civil and polite, can't we?

News flash: We have to readjust our mindset toward the government, which we treat as too enormous and unreachable to influence. We have no right simply to sit on our hands and say, "Well, lookie here, our deficits sure are horrifyingly high, but there's nothing we can do about it."

Recent events have disproved that notion, as even Democratic supermajorities are wavering at the awesome power of this widespread popular uprising. We can and must continue to fight to return sovereignty to the people by making our politicians accountable.

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