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In the wake of the DNC and Biden’s convention speech, a lot of people have been debating Biden’s mental competence. Many on the Left have been celebrating the fact that he didn’t have a succession of gaffes. But in this article, I want to explore not Biden’s mental competence, but his competence as a leader.

In his speech, Biden kept saying what he will do. He was echoing Obama’s style by saying he’ll do things. But saying is one thing and doing is another.

In 2016 we knew that Trump created jobs in the private sector through his success in business. Since his time in office, Trump has demonstrated that he can create jobs as a national leader. And most importantly, his policies have helped small business owners the most.

What makes America great is the fact that in America, if you have an idea that will change the world, you can make it happen. The American Dream is one where possibilities can becomerealities.

President Trump’s tax reform was most beneficial to small businesses, not large corporations as the Left would like you to believe.

The Trump administration has worked hard to protect entrepreneurs from having their intellectual property stolen. This is key in order to incentivize creative minds to innovate. America is home to some of the greatest inventors, and we can’t allow their ideas to be stolen by big companies.

As a small business owner and author, I think that making sure women can start businesses and keep them going, is essential. The administration has developed alternative investment models and private capital markets so that business owners can have access to the funding they need to develop and commercialize their ideas.

While Biden speaks lip service to helping minority communities, he has not actually done anything for them.

Let’s look at Trump’s record. He specifically made sure that there would be a focus on funding for businesses in economically depressed areas. These opportunity zones would allow people to be lifted out of poverty. Instead of being dependent on welfare, through hard work, people in these communities could become business owners and entrepreneurs.

The Trump administration has removed unnecessary regulations put on small business owners, allowing them to flourish and succeed without unnecessary roadblocks. For every regulation that’s been added, the administration has cut seven other regulations.

Biden’s policies of high taxes, regulation, and the Green New Deal, will put a millstone around the neck of small businesses. He will prolong the misery of the Coronavirus lockdown by slowing down our economic recovery.

Normally we would have a roaring recovery as lockdowns dissipate, but Biden will choke that recovery. He will keep the economy in its comatose state.

Danielle D’Souza Gill is an Advisory Board Member for Women for Trump and author of The Choice: The Abortion Divide in America.

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