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AP Photo/Reed Saxon, File

At least one good thing came from Amazon pulling a $2.5 billion plan for new headquarters—it was a good business decision for Amazon. It will likely be in Amazon’s best interest to not have one of its East Coast HQs in areas where employees will be taxed to death, morale will be difficult to keep, and productivity will be at the mercy of the leftist socialist protesters.


Yes, Amazon determining that working within the ideology of the minority in NYC is not in the best interest of productivity, profits and purpose was a very good thing—not to mention its management would have to be prepared to share the wealth. It appears we are seeing a post-Obama administration resurgence in some cities and states—where profits, success and wealth are to be demonized, taxed and regulated.

If the exodus out of California, Detroit, Chicago and New York to other cities and states continues, it will likely exacerbate the very thing the socialist left despises—things like productivity, lower taxes, lower unemployment, higher wages and opportunities for all in states like Florida, Texas, Tennessee and others. If the left continues in its fight for a misguided, ill-informed, foolish pursuit of socialism, they may create a growing trend in the pursuit of free-market capitalism. But let’s not hold our breath. Of course, the downside to this exodus is that many will take their ideology with them, even though they are running from it, as their pocketbook is probably the only thing that will hold priority over their progressive mentality.

I find it more and more difficult to believe that commonsense logic won’t at some point kick in, and that the leadership of this hard progressive movement has no ability to think through the problems that are presented around the globe with socialism. Maybe their desire not to face it is so strong that they won’t dare step out of their bubble, where they could possibly get a hard question that might require them to know the real facts. They might have to visit the southern border, Venezuela, Russia and begin to understand regimes like China. Somehow, the socialism ideology of sharing wealth and taxing the superrich to the point that there is no benefit for being innovative or implementing any ingenuity becomes acceptable and necessary for them to achieve equality for all.


America has reminded the rest of the world of just how incredible capitalism and free market economies work. As we think of U.S.-China trade, we should quickly come to the realization that America’s economy is doing just fine—7.2 million job openings for more people than we have unemployed, an unemployment rate at historically low levels, and wages increasing for the first time in 13 years without creating any inflation. And I shudder to think where we would be going this year had it not been for the election of the socialist apologetic candidates to the House of Representatives.

It is very obvious that the supremacy of the United States’ economy is one of exceptionalism. As the European economies struggle, China, according to some, is seeing a GDP growth of a 2 percent and not 6.2 percent (and, by the way, even 6.2 percent would not be good growth for China). China’s regime of trying to keep American companies from selling their goods and services to their people for so many years is paying off with huge dividends to America.

A new UBS survey indicated that the majority of CEOs surveyed saw that trade and tariff issues have actually helped them and will continue to help them in the long run. It would certainly be asking too much for our socialist House of Representatives to come to the realization that demonizing the rich and prosperous and infringing upon our free market, capitalist economic freedoms will be disastrous in short order.

Remember, these are the same people who develop all the conspiracy theories and talk about the doom over our national debt. I don’t want to down play our national debt; it is a serious problem. But without real GDP growth, the economic Armageddon will come sooner than we think.


I guess the question is, are there enough free-market, constitutional-thinking people left who are willing to fight in 2020? We should pray that patriots will have the numbers, the strength, the convictions and the moral fortitude to regain this land of the free and home of the brave so that we might hand off 242 years of unparalleled freedoms to the next generation.

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