Don’t Like Trump’s America First Agenda? What’s Not to Like?

Posted: Aug 17, 2018 2:04 PM
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Don’t Like Trump’s America First Agenda? What’s Not to Like?

For all the talk of how America’s protectionism may sink this bull market in stocks, it’s still very much “America first” on Wall Street — just look at stocks. 

Five regions and countries, including the Eurozone, the U.K. and Japan, trail U.S. stock returns this year. Only Saudi Arabia and Norway have performed better, with 17 percent and 9 percent returns, respectively. On average, most regions are down around 4 percent. The U.S as measured by the S&P is up 0.03 percent.

President Donald Trump has been about the business of fundamentally changing America. These fundamental changes are very different than former President Barack Obama’s fundamental changes. President Trump seemingly wakes up every morning thinking about promises that he has not yet kept and goes about the business of doing just that—keeping them. 

The U.S. poverty rate also continues to decrease, and unemployment among minorities is the lowest in the history of the nation. We have also seen the second lowest unemployment rate for African-Americans since the numbers were first measured, and the GDP growth rate is headed for levels we haven’t seen in 14 years. 

Additionally, opportunities for young people entering the workforce are growing, as older people move to other positions. This will be an immense help to young and growing families, as their wages, job security and chance for advancement increase. We can’t forget these future generations!

If maintained, the agenda of this president will continue to provide opportunities for prosperity and growth. Perhaps more important than either of these, however, is increased pride in America, strength, religious freedom and a Supreme Court that upholds the Constitution rather than legislates. This is an encouraging peace-through-strength agenda we haven’t seen since the days of Ronald Reagan. 

President Trump is not afraid to confront our enemies as well as our allies when it comes to operating in the best interest of the American people. All of us are free to think and say what we want about his mannerisms, words and tweets, but make no mistake about it, this president’s agenda for America is working, and his economic plan for prosperity and economic strength is benefitting all Americans.

This president has also fought against our allies and against his own members of Congress for the good of the country he loves. President Trump has used his great business instincts to become the type of American president we haven’t seen since Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln and a select few others who had the desire, drive and attitude to consider only the welfare of the American people, the constitution of the United States and making America a land of opportunity. 

We are seeing only a tip of the iceberg that is possible in this economy. We must continue to give this president our support and vote in members of Congress who will support him and his America-first agenda. 

If we do, hold on, because we haven’t seen anything yet.