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Mr. President, Thank You for the Economic Surge

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It is very exciting to see a tax bill that will stimulate the economy and move the U.S. out of wage stagnation, as we see growth in corporate investment and the creation of opportunities for all Americans. I believe passage of this bill will also help spur more ingenuity and innovation through technological advancements, returning prosperity to America. Obviously, I believe that tax reform will be a great stimulus for the economy—and even more so when we add an infrastructure bill, build the wall and form the strongest military in the nation’s history.


Yet, there seems to be one part missing from the equation. Without it, I’m afraid all these things either won’t happen or the effects won’t last for an extended period of time. What I’m concerned about is that none of these plans for the future of our economy will work unless they are accompanied by a strong, steadfast reduction in the size of government and budgets across every single department—with the exception of defense. We need to see practical models put forth that will reduce the size of an incredibly bloated government, cut our out-of-control spending and trim the national debt.

Mr. President, when it comes to cutting budgets and the size of our government, there is a great deal of hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle. Obviously, the overwhelming sentiment in the entrenched political establishment is knowing that the more social control they retain, the bigger the government—and the more powerful they become. Please don’t drink the Kool-Aid that the rest of Congress has and buy into the foolish idea that debt doesn’t matter.

Unfortunately, these legislators have yet to realize their powers come from the people and only continue through future elections—elections where they will remain in power, not because of what they’re doing for special interest groups or lobbyists, but for the people. The current backlash over powerful men abusing their positions will extend to the public caring about how an abusive federal government wastes their money. Americans will no longer accept their leaders trying to saddle future generations with debt and the accompanying loss of economic prosperity. Staying in office will require more discipline, because it will mean serving the people instead of pandering to political activists, special interest groups and lobbyists.


I’m sure you realize, Mr. Trump, that some politicians—as a matter of fact, the vast majority of them—lack the ability to have their ear to the street. The few who are partly tuned in seem to have selective hearing—trying to adjust what they hear to the artificial bubble in which they live. It’s one thing to have their ear to the street but a completely different situation to actually listen to the people who are living on the street. Both small business owners and corporate leaders are starting new businesses, expanding existing companies, and trying to prosper and create opportunities for jobs and workers—all for the good of their families and America. These are the people who politicians need to continue to listen to and understand. They need to grasp that they derive their power from the consent of those they govern.

I do believe strongly in the pro-growth, pro-corporate, pro-America agenda that you have put forth, but do the lawmakers on Capitol Hill believe in it? Do they believe in it so much that they’re willing to reduce the size of their power structure and reduce the size of government departments? Even when such reductions could negatively impact the special interest groups and lobbyists who will help fund their next campaign?

Because of you, Mr. President, the average American voter is far more engaged and smarter than they’ve ever been. More importantly, you have seized a moment in time when American citizens are fed up with politicians, fed up with the royal elites, and fed up with the cesspool in which their leaders live. You have emerged at a time when the American people are fed up with being fed up.


Together, we need to do everything we can to help the establishment understand that the power lies in the hands of the voters. Their ability to stay in office and continue to work for the people is dependent on those same people, not the money from special interest groups and lobbyists. The dollars they raise need to come from the people who want to keep them standing up for the people. The power they want is derived from God and from ‘we the people.’ We the people want a government that is efficient, effective, less intrusive and less expensive.

Before we do another thing in the government, even the things that are positive, we must lay out a plan—a plan that is scored by the Congressional Budget Office and will show the American people how they can expect our $20 trillion debt clock to start running backward. If politicians, and you, can continue to show the public that this administration is about the people—from every side of the ledger—the power of Washington will be on the side of ‘we the people’ and the Republicans for many generations.

Thank you for your steadfastness, your courage and your tireless work, Mr. President. Let’s start cutting and creating an efficient government, the likes of which few have ever imagined.

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