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Take It to the People, Mr. President

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I would hope most Americans watched President Donald Trump’s rally in Phoenix on Tuesday evening. Much of it was classic Trump, touting his accomplishments, criticizing “fake news” and talking about the swamp in Washington, D.C. Certainly, it wouldn’t be President Trump without his in-your-face attitude.

If you missed it, go online and listen to the last few minutes of the speech. In my opinion, that’s what it was all about. This is exactly what President Trump needs to be doing—speaking directly to the American people about tax reform and tax cuts for American businesses and middle-class citizens, about infrastructure improvements and about the greatness of the American people.

As he reminded the crowd, we are the people who dug the Panama Canal, put a man on the moon and defeated Communism. No wonder people cheered when he said, “We can do anything, we can build anything and we can dream anything. … We are Americans, and the future belongs to us.”

It’s one thing to complain, whine and basically have your entire administration held hostage by a do-nothing Congress and, in some respects, the news media. But this president needs to do just one thing—and it happens to be something he’s very good at—take his agenda of making America great again directly to the people.

Ultimately, the people are the only ones who will get anything done. We the people are the ones who can change this do-nothing Congress by voting them out of office. We the people are the only ones who will be able to convince Congress to do something.

We the people have to remind Washington that we know how much money is made by lobbyists who support the continuation of our overly complex tax code and health care system. We the people have to remind Washington that we know the only thing some legislators care about is money, power, social control and, most importantly, getting reelected.

Unfortunately, we may seem rather helpless when it comes to some of these tasks. Still, the one thing we can control completely is our elected officials’ ability to get reelected. All of us should work to raise up someone in our districts to run against royal-elite legislators. If that doesn’t work, we will have little choice but to resign ourselves to the fact that the country as we know it is doomed.

I remind everyone not to be swayed by what our politicians will say at townhall meetings, when they still believe voters are too ignorant to really know what they have or haven’t done.

Let’s not be swayed when they return to their districts four months before election time to talk about all the things they will do for America and the American people. Let’s remind them that we have the power and we are watching what they do—or don’t do—not what they say.

Mr. President, you must use the bully pulpit to get in front of the American people more often. Please do not lose sight of the fact that you have an army of people who support your agenda, your desire for America’s greatness, and your commitment to American jobs, American safety and America’s prosperity.

Be encouraged that the media, the naysayers of the Republican Party and royal-elite politicians can do nothing against the army of voters called the American people. Hold on to what you said in those last few minutes in Phoenix.

The people who support you know what you have accomplished. The American people who support you know what your agenda is and know your desire to follow through and see it completed; they understand that prosperity for future generations will come if your agenda is realized.

Take your fight, your frustrations and your desires to make America great again directly to the American voter. It is the American voter who will make sure that this pro-growth agenda happens.

Mr. President, you must also campaign and rally the troops in every single district where congressional representatives oppose your agenda. Articulate to those voters that they need to have representatives who truly work for them and support America.

And remind the American people who helped elect you that there are some in their districts who are intentionally sabotaging your agenda and will work to keep the will of the people from ever being accomplished.

Continue to stay on offense. You don’t need a defensive posture; let others in your administration take care of that. Remaining on offense and taking your agenda directly to the people will be a win for country.

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