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Note to Senator Marco Rubio’s Spokesperson: An Illegal Immigrant Isn’t A Slave

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Enough with Republicans invoking analogies to slavery and plantations to make their case for conservative policies or attract minority voters. News flash: it doesn’t work! Not only is it offensive and distasteful but also shows a complete disregard for an AWFUL, painful part of our US history.


Alex Conant, spokesperson for Senator Marco Rubio, has stooped to the new low of comparing illegal aliens living and working in this country to the institution of slavery.

“@AlexConant @ConnCarroll We haven't had a cohort of people living permanently in US without full rights of citizenship since slavery.”

Conant apologized after he was exposed on Twitter. But his remark begs the question, are Republicans so desperate to grant amnesty to an estimated 11-20 million illegal immigrants in this country that they will abuse the history of slavery? And in doing so ensure 100% of blacks eventually vote for Democrats?

Conant’s remarks are the height of insult to black Americans whose ancestors endured decades of slavery. Also, if immigration “reform” happens, it’s very doubtful Hispanics and Latinos, who make up a large number of America’s illegal immigrant population, would become Republican voters. Why? Because Republicans have forgotten how to build meaningful relationships with minorities.

Back to the slavery comment. When was the last time you saw a slave ship full of illegal immigrants shackled to each other, arrive to the United States, and then have slave traders auction them off to the highest white bidders to work for them for free? Show me illegal immigrants whose modern day “slave masters” don't pay them, rape them, tar and feather them, whip them or cut off their body parts for trying to run away from their plantation or America.


None of the above has ever happened to illegal immigrants in America because illegal immigrants are NOT slaves but criminals who broke laws to be here. Washington Times senior editorial writer Conn Carroll noted in his twitter exchange with Alex Conant, “slavery wasn’t a choice.”

“@ConnCarroll @AlexConant my policy would give those here illegally a choice. Brush up on your history. Slavery wasn't a choice.

“African-Americans originally came to America unwillingly, having been stolen and sold by Muslim slave-catchers in Africa to Dutch traders journeying to America in 1619,” (Forward to American History in Black and White). Once in America, black slaves were forced to work without pay to build plantations owned by great men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, build national buildings such as the US Capitol and universities and colleges such as the University of Virginia, William and Mary, Harvard, and Brown University. Yes, indeed we blacks built it! For free!

Last time I looked, I didn’t see illegal workers in the U.S. doing construction work for free. They are performing work for depressed wages and illegally but they aren’t doing it for free like slaves did in America.

As any person with common sense well knows, slaves couldn’t return to Africa anytime the mood hit them. Illegal immigrants on the other hand willfully and knowingly break laws to enter our country, live and work here and they can choose to go home anytime. But the problem is illegal immigrants aren’t choosing to go home. Instead Hispanics and Latinos, who represent the majority of the estimated 20 million illegal immigrants in America, are defiantly refusing to leave and demanding America give them amnesty for their sheer numbers and the fact they’ve been here for so long.


In his twitter exchange with Carroll, Conant asked:

“@AlexConant @ConnCarroll What is your suggestion for improving our proposal? Just curious. You seem to be defending broken status quo.”

Senator Rubio can improve his immigration plan by enforcing current laws, including deportation; then mandate all businesses use E-verify to determine a person’s legal status and fine businesses heavily for hiring illegal workers. But most importantly, Rubio should advise his staff and other Republicans to stop comparing illegal immigration to slavery. Republicans can continue to ignore the black vote but they will not be allowed to misrepresent the history of slavery all in the name of pandering to Hispanics with the promise of amnesty.

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