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The fierce beast of the Left, the omnivorous viper of the Democrats, has been let loose. Every tyrant needs quislings. Unfortunately, there are appeasers even among Republicans. The 'useful idiots' of the Left are being eaten already; the appeasers will be next.

Those who demand grace from Trump supporters as we watch the nation stolen from us, deny the peril from a ravenous beast that will consume our freedoms and chain the American people.

The piranhas are already nibbling at Nancy Pelosi, who is suffering from whiplash from the hard, left turn she took when she was reinstalled as Speaker of the House two years ago. She made a deal with the devil—"the squad" — in order to win her position. The fate of all authoritarians, who fail to control their helpers, is to be eaten by their own. Even now, the radical-left members among the House Democrats are coming after her.

Because of their firm commitment to dismantling our economy and determination to impose every dangerous idea of the Left, what they thought would be a blue wave of Democrat victories from the presidency to the Senate and the House, and across free America, was defeated.

Congressional Democrats who survived the election, who have the temerity to condemn their own radical narrative as the cause of their dismal performance, have been castigated and threatened by the de facto leader of the Democrats, the radical Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC).

Republican appeasers, like the freedom-hating Lincoln Project, are aided by several members of Congress who fail to recognize the cliff that America is heading over. These modern Neville Chamberlain’s have not learned the lesson of history: once the tyrants are let loose, they will continue to consume everyone in their path, including former friends. Choosing to be silent, or lurking in hiding, is merely choosing to be eaten later. As Churchill noted, an appeaser keeps feeding the totalitarian monster, hoping to be eaten last.

Don’t believe that the crazies really are serious about retribution? How about AOC’s endorsement of the Trump Accountability Project designed to, “make sure anyone who took a paycheck to help Trump undermine America is held responsible for what they did."

This is what Communist dictators do. It is how North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, Venezuela’s Maduro, even Communist China’s Mao, Deng, and current leader Xi Jinping control their un-free people. It is consistent with historical tyranny imposed by Lenin and Stalin.

The AOC’s of the Left, are joined by crazed, attack dogs in the media like the odious Olbermann who wants the president arrested and removed from office. Olbermann, who has lately become even more delirious with hate, also wants to arrest Tucker Carlson and others who have exposed the Left or expressed support for Trump. And yet the propaganda arm of the new Left and Democrats continues to give a platform to spew hate and discord by this unhinged lunatic who advocates for violence against those with whom he disagrees.

In 2016, some Republicans decided that they would not support the president. Instead, they said, the kinder, more temperate Evan McMullin was deserving of their vote. The nutty McMullin, who previously said, “I oppose fascism and socialism because I believe in the innate liberty of humankind,” apparently favors his own brand of tyranny which advocates that, “We should keep and publish a list of everyone who assists Trump’s frivolous and dangerous attacks on the election. Name and shame forever.”

May the irrelevant McMullin take his brand of public shaming “forever” with him to his quiet corner of despotic despair.

There really is no other choice but to fight to preserve our nation. While the Left is assiduously stealing the presidency (with the almost ironic twist that Republicans are gaining seats in Congress and around the country), we must not acquiesce to their efforts. We must have faith. We must have hope. We must have the courage necessary to fight.

If it takes peaceful protests, we must take to the streets with a quiet and resolved dignity that shows the difference between the thoughtful Right and the mindless Left.

If it takes litigation, our lawyers must be given the resources and support necessary to make the case.

It certainly will take communication to the American people. Communicate every way, through every mode. And when the Masters of the Tech Universe censor you, go around them.

We must urge legislators to confirm Trump's electors when there is demonstrable tampering of electoral outcomes by the vote thieves on the Left.

We must truly overwhelm the radicals on the Left with our American spirit and faith. Our voices united for freedom must be heard above the frenzied screams of the Left that seeks to destroy freedom.

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