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The Boston Tea Party of 2010

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I was very inspired a couple years ago when the John Adams series aired on HBO. It reminded one of the endless obstacles the founders faced. They had no political PACS or emails or FOX. They had no exit polls nor pundits. They had an idea of liberty. And they felt that to live under tyranny was intolerable.

In the past few days, I have been thrilled to see the groundswell of excitement in Massachusetts over the senatorial candidacy of Scott P. Brown. Yet bowing before the divine right of kings the elitist media and stubborn mules have brayed that this is Teddy Kennedy's throne, this is a dynastic legacy to pass down a one rule ideology. And certainly King Barack, who the tarnished royal known to some as "the Lion of The Senate" decreed would wear the crown has been haughty indeed. Queen Nancy has essentially said Let them eat cake. And like a conniving Arch Duke Harry has bullied, begged and bargained.

Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution

My fellow Conservatives have feared failure. Always shrewd behind the scenes observers have warned not to enthuse or look to an ambush ahead. In what for some has seemed a never ending wake since Ronald Reagan died as many mourned the burial of the American ideals. Yet long ago there was an idea of freedom that made this country an oasis in this world as the beacon of light that it has been for over 200 years. And yes caution is necessary, but it is not all and a muddy carefulness doesn't win battles. Passion and footwork and a viable idea of freedom does. And fed up Americans, many of whom who were never politically active before started to stir at town halls. It is they who have truly brought hope and indeed have the audacity to change what seemed so certain a short time ago. It is the same old story of a fight against unfair taxation and longing to live one's life in liberty. A cry of outrage has grown over this country under a banner aptly dubbed The Tea Party movement.

Now rebellions have broken out in some of those same colonies of long ago. Voices have been heard in Virginia and New Jersey. And now it is brewing in Massachusetts, the port that this modern day monarchy has called home for so long. In fact it is about to bubble over.

So perhaps John Adams has had enough. Perhaps his spirit will drive Bostonians and all the citizens of Massachusetts to the polls rather than the pier this time. The theme of join or die is strong in people's hearts again. Many Americans have feared that a creeping socialism has now recklessly and rapidly been about to seize forever the liberty of the land we love. Perhaps not. Perhaps not...yet. But we shall wait and see.

May the tea flow in the harbor come Tuesday January 19th. Scott Brown may be a modern day Paul Revere rousing us all to wake up and get out of our beds. We must not simply rely on the comfort of our computers in emailing one another, " Well do you think we can win? "Even so it depends upon their ground game." It will be same old same old, what has always been..."

But must it always be? Nonsense! The spirit that drove the sons and daughters of liberty WAS the ground game. Instead of "The British are coming"..the people are coming.

Finally it is not that all those who disagree with a concept of liberty aren't patriots themselves, but they far too often more prefer the comfort of being taken care of. And there are those with honorable differences still - for history reminds us that Adams and the Federalists and Thomas Jefferson's Democratic-Republicans also debated the size and function of the federal government. Yet still for all the founders disagreements, they all believed in the greatness of America's destiny and that it's exceptional place in the world was based on a love of liberty, not entitlement.They refused to let any in Europe or elsewhere rule this country. And those founders were certainly unanimous in decrying the divine right of kings.

It is time to be inspired again. And this Tuesday January 19th, may the majority in Massachusetts remember - it is the people's seat.

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